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About: I like fun stuff, deadly weapons and non deadly weapons, that should explain all you need to know.

In this instructable you will find many different types of airsoft games, some you already know and some you may not know because I made them up.

P.S. On all game types you make up the  rules, such as how many hits to die, time limit, score limit, etc.

Step 1: TDM

This is probably the most commonly played airsoft game type ever, for those of you who don't know tdm stands for team death match, two teams fight each other until all the players on one team are eliminated.

Step 2: CTF

This is probably the second most common game type, ctf standing for capture the flag. In this game type there are two teams each team has a flag, (or other object in absence of flags) the other team has to capture the flag and bring it back to their flag, the first team to reach the score limit wins.

Step 3: President

Another common game type, in the "president' game type there is one player who is the "president" the "president" gets half the players to protect him and be his bodyguards, the rest of the players get to be assassins who try to kill the" president" if the president gets shot the game is over and the assassins win, if the president successfully gets to a designated location without getting shot or the assassins are eliminated than the "president's" team wins.

P.S. Give the pres. and his bodyguard a few minutes to hide before starting the game.

Step 4: Alien

In this game type there is one player who is the alien, the rest of the players are the humans opposing the alien. The alien's goal is to turn all the humans into aliens, if a human gets shot once by the alien then they become an alien. The game ends when all the humans are turned into aliens or all the aliens are dead, however the only way to kill an alien is with a shot to a designated body part such as the head, arm, leg, or chest, if the alien gets shot anywhere other than the designated body part he does not die, the humans however die from being shot once anywhere.

Step 5: Ninjas

I made this game type up myself, it is very similar to CheesySnackMAN's ninja game, only mine is for airsoft. This game type is to be played at night only, other wise it just doesn't work. In this game type lets say you have around ten people, (you do not need ten, it can be any number of people) so with ten people 3 people will be attackers and 7 people will be ninjas, although it may seem uneven the ninjas are armed only with toy knives and the attackers with full auto airsoft guns. The attackers must try to capture an objective in ninja territory and the ninjas must defend the objective. The game is over when either all the ninjas or attackers are eliminated or if the attackers capture the objective.

Step 6: Search and Destroy

Search and destroy is a game type in which one team has two objectives to defend and the other team has a bomb or kitchen timer. The team with the bomb or kitchen timer must plant the timer on one of the objectives, the other team must then defuse the bomb by grabbing the timer and taking it at least 100-200 feet away from the objective. The game is over when either the bomb goes off on the objective, one team is eliminated or when the bomb is defused by the other team.

Step 7: Free for All

Pretty simple, every man for himself, last one standing wins.

Step 8: Squad Deathmatch

In this game type its basically the same as tdm only with 3 or 4 or more teams and each team has only 2-4 people, depending on how many people you have.

Step 9: Wingmen

Like squad deathmatch only 2 players vs. everyone else, the two players should be given a few minutes to hide, one of the two players should probably have a sniper rifle so that is like a sniper/spotter team.

Step 10: Treasure Hunt

In this game type a neutral party will place a treasure, prefably in a box somewhere in the designated playing area. Two, (or more) teams are fighting to find the treasure. The team who finds the traesure has to have one person carry it back to their base like ctf. The person carrying the treasure can have no weapons, except a fake knife so guards are very important, if they drop the treasure the treasure can be picked up by anyone on either team and taken back to their base. If you choose the teams may be given treasure maps to make finding the treasure easier.

Step 11: Hostage Rescue by Kve23

 In this game type inspired by kve23  there are two equal teams, both teams start out on different sides, half of one team is taken to the other teams base with no guns and are spread out and hidden inside (or outside) they will be the hostages. When the hostages are hidden the game begins, the other teams objective is to find and rescue their teamates once they find them they must reach a designated spot to win, half of all hostages must survive and reach the designated area in order for their team to win, the other team wins if they kill all the hostages, or if the rescuers die before they rescue any hostages. No killing hostages before any rescuers are close by. Generally rescuers would be smart to be sneaky.This is a good Indoor airsoft game.

Step 12: Downed Pilots by Sir Hc

In this game type made by Sir Hc ; X players are the pilots, who are carrying automatics with little ammo, are sent to hide in opposite corners of the map while x number of teams patrol the area and try to find them, no killing pilots. All teams want all of the pilots no matter what.

Step 13: Easter Egg Special

Basically a neutral party hides easter eggs, and the players try to find. It can be teams or free for all, the goal is to obtain all the easter eggs. If somebody takes an egg you need shoot 'em and take it back!

Step 14:

Those are all the game types I can think of right now, if you know any other good ones or have made a good one up, let me know and I will put it on here and give you credit. Also remember if you are playing any game type at night bring flash lights for when it gets pitch black or you are likely be eaten by a Grue.

p.s. that game is fun for being text based....



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    49 Discussions


    2 years ago

    "Cage fight"

    Make a small open field with bunkers for cover. Two teams send out one player, to play 1v1 against the other player. You have 1 minute to hit the other player. The loser switches with a team member for the next round. The victor stays for the next round. If a minute passes, and no one is hit, both players switch out.
    The team loses when all players have been switched out twice.


    3 years ago


    Play this in the dark there is 1 Hunter who is trying to kill every person and all of the ninjas are hiding and running if you die you don't respond as a ninja ninjas don't have any guns and just hide and run last ninja left is the next hunter


    3 years ago

    (I know this has already been done, just putting it so he can put it on the list)

    Zombies: This one requires about ten extra players and a large abandoned warehouse of some sort, or perhaps a pre-made airsoft arena. Basically, have your team of five start of in the "Loadout" Zone, where you receive briefings for your objectives. Objectives will be to go to a certain point in the area or retrieve an object and come back. Seems pretty easy, doesn't it? Well, not so much. See, all the while, it is PITCH-BLACK in the building / room / area you are in. And, not to mention you have revenous zombies running around, and you have to either avoid or kill the zombies. When a zombie is killed they will lay down for 15 seconds, where they can then begin to crawl. While crawling, you cannot engage the zombies. after 30 seconds of only crawling, they can stand up, and walk, sprint, or jog as much as they want until they are shot again. Now here's the hard part. Try doing this with 50 or so people, only 10 of which being zombies. Now, you are all 5 man teams, and if you are touched by a zombie in ANY way, you are infected, meaning you must drop your gun, holster it, or give it to a teammate to hold on to, and you must walk away a short distance and count to 45, all the while not moving. You are now a zombie. The game ends when one team remains or one team complete's all objectives with at least one member.


    3 years ago

    Riot shield is a game I made that is very similar to juggernaut but one. Guy sits in the middle of the field with a riot shield and a fake knife or sword. When the game starts the two teams fight to tag the riot shield then the riot shield fights for whomever team he is on the only way for him to switch teams is to get tagged by the opposing team


    3 years ago

    Also, TDM or CTF only with specific individual team functions. This is a bit more complicated but then ups the strategy level quite a bit. make up your own team functions but some I have come up with are:

    Runner - no ammo no defense -ball grenade for direct hit - can be hit 3x
    Protector - heavy defense - portable shield - semi auto - can be hit 2x
    Soldier - full ammo - full auto - hit 1x
    Sniper/Specialist - cannot be hit - VERY limited ammo (5 shots?)
    Communicators (team refs) - cannot be hit - nararates from Base Area the enemy position and strategy and keeps track of enemy player hits
    Target Person- used if the game play is to protect or assasinate a specific player
    Game Ref - to ensure smooth gameplay and keep track of game time
    Medic - pistol- hit 2x - not sure yet about actual medic function
    Call In Support - A temp stationary timed gunner called by a team by enabling them through a task. (requires timer and task to enable) could be finding a "key" and placing it with the gunner.
    Clones - neutral and dormant until tagged. Assume the role of the one who tagged them.

    I'm sure there will be more.....


    3 years ago

    We play "Kill Confirmed" like in COD. We used the different colored Marker flags that are typically used for marking pipes and wires in the ground. Each team base has a pile of their own color. It is basically TDM only each player carries a flag on them. When you are shot you stick the flag in the ground where you are, go back to base, grab another flag, and you're back in the game. You have to capture the flag of the opposing team when you hit them for it to count. You can recapture the flags of your own team to keep the opponent from getting them. Count up flags at the end of a timed period to see who wins. LOVE IT!

    The nice thing is it does is actually makes people not "spray and pray" as much since shooting someone in a place you can't get to won't help you at all. Super easy and fun variation to TDM. Cheap and little prep time. Also since you can get many different color flags you can easily have 3 teams of 3 or 4 teams of 4 or whatever.


    3 years ago

    Trouble in terrorist town:
    Played with around 6 players (or more if you want) everyone picks cards and there is 2 terrorists and 4 civilians. At the begining everyone closes eyes but the terrorists make eye contact. The civilians have to find out who is terrorist before terrorist kill everyone. Everyone uses pistols and civilians have to survive for designated amount of minutes.


    4 years ago on Step 14

    "One in the Chamber"

    This is a free for all game me and my friends made up, you start with 1 bullet in your clip.

    If you shot someone you get 1 bullet back in your clip but if you miss and you're out of bullets you must make contact with their torso or neck with a fake knife or your cellphone if your low on knives. A knife kill also puts another bullet in your clip so you can just go around knifing people and hoarding bullets (if you like).

    One in the chamber is a simple but very suspenseful game that leads to a lot of head to head conflict.

    2 replies

    Oh I didn't realize haha. But my version has cellphones rather than knives, completely different game, na just pullin ya leg. Yeah it is still a good idea though.


    3 years ago

    "Hunters vs hunted"

    My and my friend invented this game.
    Two teams with the objective to eliminate each other but there's a catch. One team (the hunted) must create a defensive position in 3 minutes
    The hunters put on their gilly suits and wait for the three minutes to end. When the three minutes are over they will have to do their best to stethaly take out the other team.
    The hunted must stay at the defensive position until they are engaged by the other team. The rest of the game plays on as a team death match with no respawns. The hunters weaponry should be a sniper rifles d pistol or a shotgun or DMR. The defenders weapons may be anything but a sniper rifle.
    By the way it best played in the forest.

    I hope you injoy the game mode and stay safe safe airsofters.


    4 years ago on Introduction


    all players start in centre of map and disperse on whistle (or any sort of clear sign). Next whistle means start of killing. If player is shot, he has to crouch. If he is tagged afterwards, he joins his tagger's team which can consist of no more than 4 players. Game ends when only one team is still alive


    4 years ago on Introduction

    "Base intrusion"

    Player limit

    Red(attack team)2 medics 1-5 snipers 1-10 Assault(Any weapons) 1 Spy(silenced spring pistol with bayonet or knife and has 1 hint of being a enemy if hes carrying these weapons and acting strange)

    Blue(Defense team)10-19 one Base commander to command team

    Blue will need to defend a base with Intel/suitcase in a random room and also a spy in it and red must rather Push in quickly and put heavy assault on them or let the spy kill the BC(Base commander)to make the soldiers not know what to do Now onto the mapping any area that at least has a huge area of space for the base you can rather have a open base(no walls buildings just like camping) or a closed base(small walls tents and barracks) its a mix of TDM and CTF

    Heres some tips:Push in from rather back or front

    ----------------------Smarts are more important always have a strategy

    ----------------------last one always be defensive and protective about your Intel and -----------------------teammates

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have a great game to play. It is called trouble in terrorist town. To play this game you need at least 3 players and a deck of cards, also your weapons but that's obvious. So you need to get one red face card, one red Ace, and how ever many other people get black cards. Shuffle the cards and hand them out. Make sure no one see's your card. hold onto the card until the end of the round. The red face card is a traitor they want to try and kill the other players. The red Ace card is a detective the detective can ask one player if he/she is the traitor. the rest of the players are innocents these players want to witness the murders and kill the traitor. the round will end after all innocents and detective are killed or when the traitor is killed. this game is a lot of fun and really shows whether or not you actually trust your friends.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Another we play is "monkey in the middle". You need 3 or more players. The more the better. For explanation I'll have 8 players.
    1: pick 2 teams of 2 "runners". Have them start at opposing ends of he field and look at the outer boundaries till the game is started so the others have time to hide.
    2: players not picked for runners are "hiders". Hiders will have a minuet or so to hide between the two running teams. Hiders must sit and wait to be revived and can not fire till revived.
    3:after the minuet to hide, start game. Runners must eliminate the opposing team while reviving hiders to fight for them.
    4: play either till one team is dead or the fun way, "virus" rules.

    Virus rules:
    Unlimited 10second touch revives. Anyone can revive anyone. Red team can revive blue team, vice versa. When reviving someone, tell them what team you play for at that time. After the revive, that player is on your team. Play till all is one team (goes faster than you think).

    We throw monkey in the middle in as a game "mod" when we have an odd number of players also. The hiders can be a big game changer.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Our group came up with "rouge agent". It takes some time to set up but it's fun as hell! You need at least 4 players on each team for the best games, a timer and a deck of playing cards.
    1. Pick 2 teams ( red and blue)
    2. Have a deck of cards. If you have four players on each team take out three numbered cards and one face card.
    3. Have each member from red team approach blue to pick one card randomly, look at it, show it to blue team and give it back to blue in a used card pile. Do not show or discuss cards with your own team! Shuffle the cards after all of red team has picked and repeat for blue team.
    4. The ones who picked a face card are the rouge agents. They actually play for the team they were NOT picked for.

    Rouge rules:
    Set a time (5min works great).at the end of the time "rouge switch" is called, at which point the rouges may eleminate players from the team they were picked for and announce who the other rouge is.

    Rouges do not want to eleminate players from the team they were not picked for except the other rouge. After rouge switch is called, rouges play for opposing team. Ex. Red rouge plays for blue team.

    Rouges know who eachother are and may go after eachother befor time is called, but you may not announce who they are until time is called.

    Non rouge rules:
    Those with numbered cards are normal players and do not switch sides after the allotted time.

    Only Normal players may eleminate the rouge on their team at ANY time during the game. Ex. you are red team and you see someone red trying to eliminate blues rouge, they may be the rouge on red team, Take em out!

    Play till on team is eleminated.
    We play with one 10second touch revives for all. We some times have one extra number card for each team for the possibility of no rouge on one of both teams.