Airsoft Tirp Mine!




Here is how to make a airsoft trip mine! It is very simple and is made for less then $15. One problem that i had was that the cords would twist when i put the cap on so i decided to put it on the side. 


9.6 volt rechargeable battery (not lypo)
container (recommended small)
wire clips
on/off switch (extra safety feature)
fire cracker
fishing line
christmas light strand
microscope cover slide

Step 1: Step 1

Take your 9.6 volt battery and place it on the side of your container. Use zip ties to hold it in place. Make sure the wires face up so you can hook up the charger. Do not connect any of the wires to the battery until ready to fire.

Attach a wire clip to a wire. Then drill a small hole in the side or top of your container. Fish the wire in the hole until the back part of the clip is in the hole. Glue the clip in place. Be able to separate the clip.

Step 2: Step 2

Take a battery wire clip and attach one wire to one side. Feed the wire out a hole on the top or side. Use a clip that you can get on a extra battery charger. Attach this to the light bulb holder.

Step 3: Step 3

Attach the other side of the bulb socket to the wire that feeds back into the container and then out the side that has the clip. Now the clip that is on the outside of the container needs a piece of electrical tape on the bottom of the clip. Take the wire that is on the outside and run it around the electrical tape (make sure that the wire is not touching the metal of the clip until the top part of the clip comes down one top of it). 

Step 4: Step 4

Now take the fishing line and run it as long as you want the trip wire and cut it. Attach one side to a stick. Take the cover slide and put a small hole close to the side of it. Tie the fishing line through the hole. Put the slide between the top of the clip and the wire. This works because it blocks the connection between the wires. When the slide is pulled out the wire connects and sets off the firecracker.

Step 5: How to Use and Maintain.

When you are ready to set it up take it to a spot outside where there is a trail that people take when playing the game. Hide the container behind a tree and run the line across. Make sure the wire is not touching the clip on the outside of the container. Have it around the electrical tape and have the cover slid on the top so that it is not touching the metal of the clip.

Take a light bulb and break the top. Fill with black powder and put firecracker on top with fuse inside. Tape it so that it doesnt come off. Put the bulb in the socket.

Make sure the cover slide is in place. Then take your battery connector and connect them to the battery. It may go off when your connecting the wires so dont have your head near the firecracker (wear eye protection). A good thing about having to connect the wires and not having a switch is that it is harder for someone to defuse it in battle. You are already to go! If you want to make sure it works test it before use. 

Step 6: Reloading!

When setting it up again make sure you replace the electrical tape on the clip. If you want you can have the firecracker on the inside or outside of the container. Its usually better outside because it is louder. You can also run it somewhere if you have long wires.

Step 7: Misfire!

If this happens take the wire off the clip on the outside of the container. Make sure that when the cover slide comes out the wire touches the clip completing the circuit. Also check to see if the bulb's filament is not broken. Always charge the battery. Always wear eye protection and tell your friends that you are using this in the game.


Tell me about anything i missed or should do better!!

I will be making a video of it in action when i get a nice day to play a game of airsoft.



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    15 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You can also use firework tubes with black powder to shoot out bbs. I do it half way down a trail to get out more people.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It doesnt shoot fast enough to wound anybody and also the powder is a small amount. Not dangerous at all.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Im not exactly sure but im going to count the amount of black powder. If you have any triple bang fireworks you can just take out the bangs and use that. Also if you want you can test it by setting up a cardboard box and see how many layers it goes threw. If its more then 2 then i would lessen the load.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    ???? My sniper can punch through a wall of one cardboard box, punch threw the nect, and keep goin fer 12 feet. No1 i hit with it complains.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Well you probably dont want it to fly across the battle field. And nobody would complain if you used it. If you wanted to do more then that i would change the firing tube to something thats metal because the amount of powder to get all those bbs to go through cardboard is a lot and i dont even know if it can hold up to the force of 2 cardboards worth.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I see you didnt go for the Airbag Mine Device?
    Probably a good thing, for i guess you could take someones legs off when tripped in a wrong way...

    This contraption however is verry, verry nice!!!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah. They have a lot of pressure and their also hard to find. I was a good thought though!