Alice in Wonderland Lip Art

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Step 1: The Queen

Using red from my makeup forever flash pallet I'm going to place the Queens heart in the center of my lips.

Step 2: Cheshire Cat

Using NYX lippie in the color rose I'm placing that in strips, then taking the hot pink from the makeup forever flash pallet I'm blending it together. Then taking the NYX lippie in the color lavender I'm making purple strips.

Step 3: The Queens Court

To play with the idea of the queen and the mad hatter effect I'm making a checkered board looking using black from the makeup forever flash pallet and NYX lippie in coconut.

Step 4: Alice

Using the light blue from the flash pallet I'm simply placing that on my lip.

Step 5: White Rabbit

Using the Coconut lippie I'm simply placing that on my lip.

Step 6: Clock Detail

I decided to make a clock by using black dots with gold over it for the chain then white for the center and black for the inside detail .

Step 7: Mad Hatter

I added cards for the Mad Hatter, using coconut at the base then black for the outline and 'A' inside the card. Then I'm using the red from the flash pallet for the 'heart' but it just looks like a dot. Haha.

Step 8: DONE

That's it. =D

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4 years ago on Introduction

That is so cool! I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so this is awesome! I have got to try this!!! I am voting for you :)