Alice's Adventure in Wonderland Drink Me Bottle




Alice's adventure in wonderland Drink me bottle replica prop

1) In order to create an inspired replica piece form the story of Alice's adventure in wonderland, use a unusual exsotic or unique bottle, these can be found on websites like Amazon, and Ebay "Small glass bottles or Glass bottles".

2) Fill bottle to desired volume of water and add either Red or Blue food colouring, add as much or as little as you like, it is your interpretation of the Replica piece I used Red because that's the colour I think of when I think of that chapter in the story, the put a cork in the top of the bottle.

3) You can buy brown labels from most arts and crafts shops, the web or create your own. In order to create your own label, measure out the desired measurements of the size of label you desire cut out with scissors or a scalpel, then place in a bowl that boiled tea in it for three hours, that will enable the paper to absorb the tea changing the colour of the tag to a dark brown, leave to dry in a warm place, once dry use a hole punch to pierce a hole at the top of the tag.

4) You can use a fine liner, arrow tip ball point pen or if you want an authentic look use a calligraphy pen and write "Drink me"

5) Use string to attach the tag if you made your own to the bottle, if you bought a tag their should be string already attached to the tag.

6) Put the cork in the top of the bottle and you have yourself a replica bottle of Alice's adventure in wonderland Drink me bottle.

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    Fun project. You should make "Eat Me" cookies to go with it.