Alka-Seltzer Rocket

Everyone loves rockets. Let's build one with cheap materials and a lot of fun. And at the end 3...2...1... Lift Off!

You can launch the rocket inside or outside your house.

Step 1: List of Materials

You will need:

  • Old film canister
  • Alka-Seltzer tablet or equivalent
  • Some water
  • 3D printed rocket model


If you want to modify or create one new here is the code (openscad):

translate([20,0,-19.2])rotate([90,0,0])cylinder(2,8,8,$fn=3, center=true);
translate([-20,0,-19.2])rotate([90,180,0])cylinder(2,8,8,$fn=3, center=true);

translate([0,20,-19.2])rotate([90,0,90])cylinder(2,8,8,$fn=3, center=true);

translate([0,-20,-19.2])rotate([90,180,90])cylinder(2,8,8,$fn=3, center=true);


translate([0,0,41])cylinder(h=30,r1=17,r2=2, center=true);

translate([0,0,41])cylinder(h=30,r1=16,r2=1, center=true);



cylinder(h=52, r=17,center=true);

translate([0,0,-2])cylinder(h=50, r=16, center=true);



If you want to print one make the download of the stl file

Step 2: Time to Launch the Rocket

  1. You should put the film canister inside the 3D model rocket
  2. Pour some water in film canister
  3. Add half alka-seltzer tablet
  4. Close the canister
  5. Deploy the rocket and prepare your self
  6. 3...2...1... Lift Off!

Have fun and vote for me



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