Alternating LED With 555 Timer

Introduction: Alternating LED With 555 Timer

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Today we will be making the Alternating LED circuit. It uses a 555 timer and is really simple but gives a cool effect.

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Step 1: Components

1x Double/single bus solderless Breadboard (or just breadboard)

1x 9v battery

1x battery connector

8x jumper wire

1x 555 timer chip

2x LED (any colour)

1x 10uf capacitor

2x 330ohm resistor

1x 47k reisitor

Step 2: Pre-assembling the Circuit

Before you start assembling the circuit, just so you I created an electronic breadboard diagram with footprints to make assembling for you guys easier. But you may want to get used to the component footprint (symbol).

And just so you know, the coloured lines on the breadboard diagram are wires, it does not matter what colours you use.

Step 3: Assemble!

Now you know everything, you can start!

One picture shows you the over all breadboard while the other only shows you the components.

Step 4: Finish and Test

It is this easy. Now you just need to see if it works.

When the circuit is on, the LEDs should start alternating each only lasting for 1 second.

If not then you have either got a components polarity wrong or you have a wiring error, so go back to step 2 or 3 and try again.

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