Altoids Flash Light




This is a simple and easy to build flash light for beginners.

Step 1: Materials List

The parts you need are:

1 Altoids tin
1 Ultra-Bright LED
1 Foot of wire
1 Roll of electrical tape
1 Switch
2 AA batteries
1 AA battery holder that holds two
1 Utility knife
1 Drill
You can use either alligator clips or a soldering iron to connect every thing

Most of the parts can be bought at Radio Shack or they can be salvaged.

Step 2: Taping the Inside of the Box

Taping the inside of the box can help prevent short circuiting. I had forgot to do so when I first built the flash light and burned my self when I touched the box.

Step 3: Drilling the Hole

To drill the hole you have to hold the tin very steady so the drill does not slip off and hit your hand. Drill the hole big enough for the LED to come through but small enough for it to stay in place. You then use the utility knife to cut a rectangle for the switch. I Originally used three LED's but two broke.

Tip: If you want to secure the switch better screw it in with two small screws

Step 4: Wiring

Wire the switch,LED and battery pack together as shown in the pictures. Then tape the battery pack down with some electrical tape. Test it a few times and then your done.



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