Altoids Survival Kit




A little tool kit that might be useful on a camping trip. Tried and true, you say? This is the best mini survival kit out there!

It holds 25, count 'em, 25 items...and counting

Pocket size, neat and organized, ready to go, easy open/close.

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Step 1: The "ingredients"

You will need:

--Items I have

empty Altoids tin
small flashlight
fishing line
duct tape
b-day candle
small candle
small compass
safety pins
medical tape
alcohol wipes
plastic container
tire puncture repair patch
signal mirror
rubber band
dental floss
razor blade
safety pins
--Other useful items that I don't have yet

emergency whistle
flint & steel striker

--Useful items that won't fit in the tin

Swiss Army Knife(or other multi tool-mine is Greatland Brand)

Step 2: How to Use the Items

*altoids tin-- You can cook small meat in it! First, use sticks to put it on stilts. Then put a candle underneath it. Don't make the tin to high above the candle. Put the food in! There are many instructables on using it as a grill.


*matchbox-- cut off the strips that for striking the match and glued them onto the inside of the tin lid

*gum-- could for mending odds and ends, such as small bike tire punctures, and fishing bait

*small flashlight

*fishing line-- fishing, traps, lashing, mending clothes

*duct tape-- they've filled bookes with uses for this stuff

*b-day candle-- helpful for starting fires

*small candle-- helpful for starting fires

*small compass

*foil-- can hold food and keep tinder dry

*ziploc-- can hold food and water, and keep tinder dry. It can also be used to collect condensation for water

*safety pins-- helps to mend fabric and clothes, and can be improvised as fishooks and used in traps for small animals

*wire-- good for lashing and animal traps

*medical tape-- treat wounds

*gauze-- treat wounds

*bandaids-- treat wounds

*alcohol wipes-- treat wounds and start fires

*plastic container-- hold matches, tinder, protect things from water

*tire puncture repair patch

*needle-- mend clothes and other fabric

*thread-- mend clothes and other fabric, make traps, fish, lash

*signal mirror-- also good for starting fires

*rubber band-- keeps the tin closed and can be helpful in a variety of situations

*x-acto blades-- supplement for pocket knife

*dental floss-- fishing, traps, lashing, mending clothes

*razor blade-- supplement for pocket knife

*safety pins-- improvise fish hooks, mend clothes

Step 3: Well You're Done!

Nice job. Please Vote for me. Just use this as a supplement tool kit too your camping supplies, hiking supplies, or whatever. I'm sure you can think of other stuff to put in, so leave comments. Thanks, and enjoy.

Please comment, especially if you have suggestions. They are useful and helpful. If you know good websites on this sort of stuff, please comment.

from temp''''

Remember, don't rely on this for survival. Use common sense.


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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love this survival kit and I will be showing my girl scouts but I will be glueing the match strikes on the side (inside) instead of the side then i can use the top for the mirror, (I'm not a good buffer/polisher)..thanks for sharing your ideas


    10 years ago on Step 1

    On the other side of the tid, the one with the match strikes, if you could place the higher up and more compact you could put a small mirror there for signaling

    7 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    keep em comin. i will soon take up the sparkler idea. i plan to acquire one of those handy fire starter things, although i feel as if that may not be able to fit in the tin. however, i think it would fit well on a set of keys next to one's swiss army knife. im not so sure about the bic lighter thing. i might just waterproof the matches. but ill think about it. im not all that familiar with swatch knives, so ill look into that. the picture and list will be updated with these changes as soon as i can. i have difficulty finding time, but when i do know that i consider every suggestion. i intend to move the match striker things, waterproof the matches, add some sparklers. are their any good uses for the mirror, or should i remove it to save space? it is clear to me that it is bad for firestarting purposes. i have learned now :D anyway keep suggesting and helping me improve this


    make a paracord fast rope.I will show a picture in the next comment they are very usefull as well as a paracord bracelet


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Super strong string to build shelter and to do almost anything.

    Super Glue to patch up things and make arrows, etc.

    Flexible magnifying card, plastic, flexible, and really small, can start a fire.

    Pencil, so you don't go mad, you can draw things and make observations.

    Sandpaper, to sharpen things.

    Little screwdriver, so you can take apart any other things you have.

    Batteries, to power makeshift radios and LEDs

    LED: use with batteries to make an effective flashlight.

    Bandaids, to heal u

    Nails, different sizes, to build shelters and make arrowheads.

    Safety pins, to use as fishing hooks (?)

    Towelettes, they have alcohol, so they burn well, and can also kill bacteria. Plus if you breathe in the fumes you get high :D

    That is all.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Just FYI, your average safety pin is not good as a fishing hook because it bends too easily under load and there is no barb to keep the fish from sliding right back off. I used a smidgen of duct tape to attach a fish hook to the inside edge of my tin, which works well for me.

    Also, great idea on the superglue, though you should probably include some nail polish remover (acetone) if you intend to carry it. Getting your fingers glued together in an emergency situation could be a real bummer. Krazy glue comes in "single use" tubes you can purchase in a handy little container of four. They actually hold more than a single use and are a great size for a little tin.

    Perhaps some water tablets would be good to add, too.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I have some camping Matches that are small enough to fit in that kewl can, they are pre- waxed, strike matches can still be purchased at Ace Hardware stores, i don't know about you guys, but we use neosporin with pain reliever- these tubes last a good while, it will be in my kit,or a baggy of it.what about simple flint and steel as a lighter. This is good stuff to get folks thinking about Survival . Thank you !


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Or you could use the can itself. There's plenty of room once you remove the match striking strips to use that as a mirror.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Super Glue a strike area just below that nice Derriere on that image ,that would Heat up just look'in at it! Hey gotta keep warm somehow.


    9 years ago on Step 2

     couldn't you just add a lighter instead of matches cause you can run out of matches

    10 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Lighters aren't as reliable as matches because lighters will run out of lighter fluid eventually.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     yes very true but matches can get wet and lighter can dry quickly they both are equally as good  


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 2

    Did you consider matches are single use? You'll run out of matches long before you run out of lighter fluid.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    why not use both a lighter fits nicely in your pocket also so why shouldnt you have both


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    he should dip the end of the matches in wax to water prooof them & yoy can have more stuff. get a flint from a bic lighter and a small knife