Altoids/mint Tin Mini Watercolor Paint Box-NEW PROCESS!




Introduction: Altoids/mint Tin Mini Watercolor Paint Box-NEW PROCESS!

Watch me retire my beloved companion of many years, my mini monkey paint box, and create a new one.
Altoids/mint tin mini water color paint box/set, showing my new process which allows for more 1/4 pan size watercolor pans for a smaller box. also addresses some of the problems faced by other mini tin paint box creators.
Great to tuck in a pocket or through in a purse, easy to use in public without causing a lot of attention, Great for daily field sketches, or to sneak out during lunch break, waiting rooms or subway or plane ride. (do not take the razor blade sharpener to public places, I would only take that with me to the out doors, it is only shown as a possibility, I use a small pencil sharpener, also in a fix, a piece of sand paper, a flat rock or piece of concrete work well to sharpen pencils.)

Free music by: Jason Shaw
You Tube user/audionautix



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    This is really neat. After watching your video I found those "monkey tins". Just in case you're feeling nostalgic...

    I love the solution you came up for making the paint spots all uniform; your case came out looking so great! I also love the music you chose for your video; I'm actually on the third(fourth) viewing lol

    this is cool i think i will make this sor my little cousin for Christmas she will love it

    Super cute I use mint tins to put beads in and i personalize them with nail polish. maybe you can paint something on yours with nail polish... like a monkey :)

    Thank you, I am still looking for a small Altoids box with a smooth top that is closer to the size I need, but now I could make up a dozen or more of these in a day and do a more professional job, to give away to artist friends and family. It would be good to decorate the outside. I love my monkey box! He is getting beat up and I'm afraid he will soon be scraped up ( I believe he is close to being an antique now, and so am I), I was able to locate two other sources for the tin topped child's paint box one in AU and one in the UK, (the Monkey was originally picked up in England by my traveling parents, but they don't make them anymore), while looking for them I came across the Altoids tins, way too big for what I needed. So I decided to make one smaller until I get another monkey one, though I think now they have trains and planes on them.

     I have been trying for a year to locate the palette that Alvaro Castagnet uses which can be seen on youtube on his videos. It has a center section that holds about 12-24 paints and the real feature I need; four folding mixing palettes that fold out from the center section. If anyone knows where I can buy this please contact me at many thanks in advance

    nice idea, loved the idea of the gel capsules, then dissolving them in water. How about using marbles instead? They should't break in the oven, and can be removed easily. There are many sizes of marbles to use with other sized tins.

    thanks for sharing that was interesting, I was thinking about a broach or small locket with collapsible brush and only three colors so one would have instant paint at any given time.

    Cool video, neat idea. I'll have to give this a try :) Good luck in your search for the perfect tin

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    Thanks, I'm liking this one, but would like to find a thinner one, I thought about an old Bayer aspirin tin we could get at the front of a convience store.. but now they use plastic.

    What a charming and instructive video. Nicely done. Wonderful little painting of a bass, too- I'm impressed!

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