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I saw a instructable a few years back where they made a grill from a tool box. I thought an ammo can would work (minus the ammo) Purchased an ammo box at a yard sale for $10.00

I did not purchase anything else other then a can of heat paint.

Salvaged grill and charcoal racks from an old gas grill warming rack.

various nuts and bolts I had laying around the shop!

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Step 1: Ammo Can Prep

1) Drilled holes in the bottom for air vents did not want them to big, later added holes to one end.

2) Drilled holes in the four corners for bolts to make legs to keep the grill off the ground (for air flow) I used nuts on both sides to keep it tight and give it some depth.

3) The bolts also helped to keep a charcoal grid (salvaged from old gas grill) off the bottom of the of the ammo can again for air flow.

4) Used scrap wood and branches from the yard to start a fire in the can to burn off the green paint

Step 2: Paint the Ammo Can

1) High heat spray paint from the big orange store

2) Steel wool the ammo can (no picture)

3) Spray painted 2 coats....Next time maybe three!!

4) Added some air holes to one of the can for more air flow

Step 3: Grill Grid!

1) Drilled six holes 1 1/2 inches from the top of the can (lip) three on each side

2) 2 inch bolts with nuts (again what I had laying around) very sturdy, works well to keep grill steady and firm.

3) Placed food grill on top. Same part of grill used for charcoal bed, just the other half. Cleaned it off with wire brush.

Step 4: Lets Eat

1) old Boy Scout trick place charcoal in old paper egg carton for easy transport and works as a starter to get coal burning.

2) Ball Park all beef dogs!

3) Mustard ( Horseradish) and Relish!

4) Ace the Dog gives the dogs and the Ammo Can Grill Four Paws!!!!

5) Figure i can throw in Kayak, or on back of bike for a nice grilled lunch when out and about. Pretty lightweight and portable.!!!

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    18 Discussions


    6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing...clever idea.


    6 months ago on Step 4

    That's a great idea. Ammo containers are cheap to buy and somebodies always throwing away old bbq grills.

    Yard Sale Dale

    7 months ago

    I like your idea. The ammo box has many uses. Great for tackle boxes and wrench boxes.

    Perhaps a rotating smoker style vent would move enough air, but close for transport.

    Yard Sale Dale

    7 months ago

    If the hardware is galvanized it may produce toxic fumes.


    7 months ago

    What a great idea. Might want to think about adding something to catch the ash under the grill. Maybe something that could nest inside?

    1 reply

    7 months ago

    Very nice and great idea. I'm seeing the potential for an ultra portable smoker here if you added a second ammo can and some piping.

    Alaskan Bev

    7 months ago

    Your write-up and photos are excellent. Thanks for the great sharing! I'll definitely be making one, and will probably make even more as gifts. They're so practical. When I go ice fishing I prepare my small ice fire basics in a large blue (white-speckled) porcelain roasting pan - a few cotton balls rubbed lightly in Vaseline, thin twigs, then a bag of finger-sized twigs, then larger limbs and logs for the actual fire. It gets going easily and burns to be ready for the fire fuel while I am drilling my ice fishing holes (we can fish three ice holes where I live). Then I lay a grill over top of the logs and put the roasting pan on the fire and add a large covered stainless steel roaster with my already-prepared stew, soup, roast, or whatever. It cooks while I'm fishing, and a good solid hot meal makes the rest of the day just perfect. But I am definitely going to try your ammo can fire kit. It looks even more portable as well as being just plain easy and fun to construct. Good job! Thanks again!


    7 months ago

    Very cool. Compact and useful!


    Question 7 months ago on Step 4

    Is it safe to cook over this hot metals?
    I mean that when people (in my country) make grills from kegs (oil unused) they make a fire for hours before painting them (the ouside) so it wont have harmful materials (I think).
    I have an ammo can like yours (that had lots of thing after the ammo) and think that a preliminary cleaning by burning should be necessary before cooking in it. Or I'm wrong. Thanks!

    1 answer

    Answer 7 months ago

    I did a preliminary burn in the box got most of the paint off then I used steel wool to remove the sit before using heart paint.


    7 months ago

    BTW that looks like a Fat 50 cal. ammo box. Probably 12-3/4" x 7-1/4" x 8-5/8". Which will work. Other ammo boxes are about 4in wide and thats too small. I made one from a metal tool box with an electric water heater element. It gets really hot quick. Not sure if the electric option might be doable here. Great idea anyway.


    7 months ago

    Very nice, you make want to make one!


    7 months ago

    Very Nice project! You can possibly also store a pot & pan inside the grill when it is in transport. Well thought out and organized!


    7 months ago

    My dad had a little charcoal grill we used to take when we went smelt fishing on the pier in Lake Michigan. I've always wanted something like that. This is just the ticket. Looks like one of my ammo cans is going to get a make-over.
    Looks like there would be room to pack tools and/or food and condiments in there.


    7 months ago

    I watch a lot of survivalist YT videos and they make tent stoves from ammo cans. Watch a few and see what they do with such ammo cans. There are so many things you can make with them. Nice project, and it has to be a good project if the dog gave it four paws...


    7 months ago

    This is brilliant, would be great for fishing trips