An 8 Page Book From a Piece of Paper




This little book made from a single page is useful for kids stories, note taking, or for planning larger books. Several can be glued or stapled together for a longer book. My kids have made many mini stories with these.

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Step 1: Materials

You need scissors and one piece of paper.

Step 2: Hot Dog Fold

Fold the paper long ways and open it like a hot dog bun.

Step 3: Hamburger Fold

Fold the paper in half the other way.

Step 4: W Fold

Fold one side back and flip it over and fold the other side back so when it is opened it looks like a W.

Step 5: Cut on the Middle Crease

Cut the paper on the middle crease that you made with the first fold.

Step 6: Fold the Paper in Half

Fold the paper in half so it looks like an X on the end.

Step 7: Press Down the Book

Press down the pages to form your book. Write or draw what ever you like.

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    Carol Nixon

    Question 1 day ago

    Do you have a template for typing a hot dog book? I made one in 2007, with pictures, and lost the template for making more of them!
    Thanks from a retired teacher.