Android Auto on Raspberry Pi

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Intro: Android Auto on Raspberry Pi

Recently my news feeds been filling up with android auto on raspberry pi, so i decided to investigate and attempt to install it on my raspberry pi. i have also made a install script that will help you guys with installing android auto as well. thanks for the view!!

Equipment List

Raspberry Pi 3 ►

7inch touch screen ►

7inch touch ►

5inch touch screen ►

Software List

Raspbian Pixel ►

Etcher ►

github ►

f1xpl ►

crankshaft ►

Step 1: Install Raspbian Pixel Desktop

First you will need to download Raspbian Pixel Desktop version.

Step 2: Compiling Android Auto

download the install script from my github

$ git clone

now we need to change over to that directory

$ cd androidauto_rpi_install

in order to execute the script we need to change permissions to allow it to execute.

$ chmod +x<br>

now we can install android auto

$ ./

Step 3: Connect Your Phone

after 30 mins or so of waiting you are now ready to connect your phone to your raspberry pi.



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    Question 4 months ago on Step 3

    Is IT possible to connect pi with analog video output to my build-in nami radio system (citroen c5 2005)? Car has rca input for video and audio. Will IT be usefull with some wireless Mouse or touchpad/keyboard combo? Has anyone tried android auto on analog video?