Animation Light Box





Introduction: Animation Light Box

While a student  I built this simple light box using scrap wood, plexiglass, a salvaged switchable cord, and a shallow light fixture. I would like to show others how I did it in case anyone would like to build one for themselves.

Step 1: Materials

I used 5/8" high density particle board because that's what I had and its easy to work with.  But the box can be build with other plywood's or even 2x4's if someone really wanted to. I used a router to create a lip for the plexiglass to lay flush with the table top. It would work just as well and take less time to cover the entire table with a 16" x 13" piece of plexiglass.

Step 2: Assembly

Now time to start putting things together. Attach the cord to the proper terminals on the light fixture. I decided to put hot glue over the contacts after connecting the wires to make it a little safer. I also decided to counter sink all the screws because I'm picky about those things, but it is time consuming and not completely necessary for the plywood portions. 

Step 3: Finished Product

Now its time to find a peg bar, some animation paper, and start animating.



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    5 Discussions

    this is a really good instructable and l found it very easy to follow
    l did however use a thick piece of place glass in my version as l needed to be able to use mine to cut stencils so instea l sprayed the the glass with a 50 50 mixture of oil based white paint and polyurethane varnish which sits on the underside and l put two light fittings in mine to give me more light

    This is a great help specially for us animators thanks a lot guys Ü

    nice work love to make one of these..

    Great instructable! I'm going to build this (sooner or later). Any suggestions on making it brighter?

    1 reply

    This one was actually bright enough for my needs and worked quite well. You could use higher watt bulbs or use round tubular florescent bulbs with the proper fixture of course.