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Little belated Halloween project for murdering any zombies that might want to invade your house!

Tools: angle grinder, drill, welding machine and accesories.

Materials: a lot of steel offcuts (great projet for getting rid of 'em) :-)

Step 1: Spikes

I made the spikes very similar to how I made them for my flail project, however I used just round bar instead of threaded rod.

I cut the rod using the angle grinder to nine pieces of same length, about 2 inches long. Then I fastened each piece in the drill and machined them to conical shape with my angle grinder with grinding wheel. It would be so much better to use lathe for this, however I still do not have one.

Lastly I chamfered the bottom for better welds and for the spikes to be easily recieved by the head.

Step 2: Head, Spike & Finnish

I first cut square piece from 3mm (1/8") sheet and drilled nine holes in it. Then I welded in the spike piece by piece. Later I cut 4 trapezoids and welded them on the square base, creating "pyramid" with cut off head, which I then welded on to steel tube.

For spike opposing the head I used virtually the same technique. I started by cutting four triangles from my sheet. Then I welded them to the main tube (handle). I held first piece in hand while welding, because it was rather awkard to somehow clamp it, but I used metal spring clamps for other sides of pyramid #2.

Finally I grinded the rough welds with grinder and grinding wheel, then flap wheel for brushed and shiny finnish.

With this hammer you can just sit in your couch and watch The Walking Dead, without the fear of becoming one of those brain eating atrocities.

Check out my YouTube channel to see this and many other DIY projects!



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