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Everyone knows them, some already have one: a robotic mower! You can purchase them, sometimes they are ‘intelligent’, sometimes they are simply silly. Very often, they are missing an important piece: adding your own ideas to the robot’s ‘brain’. That’s the idea of this project (’Ardumower’): Making a new ‘brain’ available for every robot mower in the universe!

In the following robot lawn mowers, 'Ardumower' has been used successfully already:

Ambrogio L50 (with Ardumower board)
Rotenbach SPM08-320 (with Ardumower board)
Tianchen TC-G158 (with original Tianchen board)
“Sven's Mäh-Roboter” (with “DFRduino Romeo-All in one” board)
Robomow RL500 (with DIY board)

Ardumower operates in a 'Rotenbach SPM08-320' (Video link):


Handy Controll

At first it was just ideas for the selection of electronic components for a simple, modular robot mower system including motor driver, sensors and microcontroller. Meanwhile, the project has developed a universal control software which can you can adapt to your own mower robot. There is also a forum available where you can input your own ideas/suggestions and download the Arduino software.

Objectives of the project:

low-cost, ready-made components (amount < 50 EUR), replacable (à la RC model: stick together receiver, controller, motor, servo !)
Little soldering - easy programming
only the minimum of components (keep it simple!)
detailed instructions for building
offering a construction kit (ready 'Ardumower-kits') with all modules, components etc. for purchasing
Arduino-Code for download
Finding a producer for a robot chassis ('Ardumower' chassis)

Questions/help for building/Ideas?
We are sure you have questions (and we are already waiting for them) - we will help you in a professional manner in the Forum

New Video :)

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    7 Discussions

    Bob Bowie

    2 years ago

    I have built a remote controlled lawnmower that I use each week to mow my yard.

    I would like to make this mower robotic. My thought has been to add

    software/hardware to allow 2 modes: 1) learn mode using remote control, then

    2) playback, robot mode placing the mower in the same starting point as

    positioned in learn mode. Can this be accomplished with your hardware/software?


    3 years ago

    Cool project I've been looking to try this myself, only the site itself is very hard to understand what's needed to build your own. I've looked at the forum and found 815 Euro for the basic set.

    Still a lot of money to experiment with. It should be more around 200-400 to make it interesting and get me to go and order.


    Reply 4 years ago

    This works with the help of a compass and odometry,
    We are now working on a map.