Arduino - Display Temperature and Humidity From DHT Using LCD Nextion

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Hallo Everyone,

today i have some project

"Arduino - Display Temperature and Humidity From DHT Using LCD Nextion"

you can watch my video in my channel youtube

my channel

iam sorry because i use indonesian languange

next to list part

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Step 1: Part

part :

- lcd nextion 2.8"

- Sensor dht

- Arduino Uno Ultimate

- Buzzer 5v

- cables

Step 2: Video Project

sorry because i use indonesian languange

Step 3: System

main menu:

- show humidity and temperature from DHT

- in top, you can see text temperature and humidity, this is indicator for show status like hot or cold, moist or dry, you can setting value for that in menu page

- in right position you can see text status and alarm,status for show are you connect with dht or no, if no, temperature,humidity,status,indicator will show 0 and error, if alarm on, buzzer will going on,

menu page:

- you can setting status for humidity and temperature in condition hot or cold and moist and dry

- you can setting alarm on or of

Step 4: Trouble

if you watch my video you can find the trouble in menu page in alarm button, humidity page, temperature page, this is slow respond, i use "for" in arduino for make condition for get data from dht and show in lcd, and get data from button's, i cant make this program running with same void loop, if all program for get data dht and button in same loop without delay, menu page in temperatur, humidity or alarm cant be change, i have solution and use "for" In order to provide lcd chance to retrieve data from the touchscreen, I think this is not perfect even though it works,

Forgive me for this imperfect project,

Step 5: Finally

you can downlod this program in this link

Arduino - Nextion

if you have any question, please comment



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    4 Discussions


    7 weeks ago

    Can you add libraries? arduino is giving an error.


    Question 7 weeks ago on Step 5

    Can you add libraries? arduino is giving an error.


    2 years ago

    nice :)

    I also made short tutorial on hot to control one Nextion display from Docklight RS232 terminal.

    often users forget to send 0xff byte value 3 times at the end of every
    command. If you remember that you do not need Arduino Nextion library
    and can use this display with any microcontroller.

    1 reply