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I made simple, but cool game on the Arduino.

It is necessary to hit the target, the goal - the red LED

Hunting for red light by pressing the button makes a shot, if you blink all the LEDs, then caught, but if you overshot, then blink blue. it is really cool project.


Step 1: Okey Let`s Start.

If you want play in this game, you need

  1. Arduino nano (Uno)
  2. Bread board
  3. 7 blue Leds
  4. 1 Red Leds
  5. 8 resistors 500om
  6. 1 button
  7. Wires

Okey, if you all have, make this simple circuit.

Connect the anode of the red LED pin to digital pin 6 and the blue light-emitting diodes D2-D9. And catode connect to ground through a 500 Ohm resistor as in my circuit.

Step 2: Programm Your Arduino

Well, next you need to write an algorithm for the game and upload it to the Arduino. But if you lazy, you can use my sketch :P

I wrote a detailed commentary that you could understand the program :)

Please support me, subscribe to my chanel ))

My project:

Good luck!



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