Arduino Infrared Thermometer Gun MDF Case


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This project is for making infrared thermometer with Arduino, the circuit is put in MDF case look-liked a medical infrared thermometer on market.

The sensor infrared thermometer GY-906 is used to measure object temperature without contact, it can measure from -70 to 380 degree C in very quick time. Please note that, this sensor can measure in short distance, about 2cm.

So you can use this for personal using, or gift to your child, also use it for learn Arduino in funny way

It tooks me about 2 weeks of work to complete from circuit, MDF case design, and document. I hope it is meaning for some one

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Step 1: Design the Case MDF

I use MDF wood 3mm to make the case. Firstly, the case is design in Corel Draw (see attachment file for the file)

Then, using laser cnc laser machine to cut and engrave letter on it. In this step, you need skill of using cnc laser machine.

Step 2: Make Circuit

Make a circuit as picture. For sure, install it in bread board, download the code to see if it can works or not

Part list in this project is: (you can purchase it via Amazon)

1. Arduino Pro Mini

2. OLED screen 128x64

3. Infrared thermometer GY-906

4. Battery case

5. Battery 18650 with charger

6. MDF case, if you don't have cnc laser machine to make mdf case, contact to me via email I will transfer for you

Step 3: Put Every in the Case and Finish Your Own Product

Holaaaa! this is made by YOU!

This is not a toy! You can use it for personal using, or measuring another object temperature very quickly

Step 4: Watch the Video

For easy understand, you can see full instruction in the video

Conclusion: please share your opinion about this project, i hope to here your voice. I'm very glad if you like it. OR, you have any suggestion, please leave a comment. Thankss

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    9 days ago

    Great project, Haha I saw your post on r/arduino last week and commented that I liked your design and wanted to make my own. I ended up making my own 3D printed version and made an instructable too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    3 replies

    Reply 8 days ago

    I will wait for your instructable about 3D printed version :)


    Reply 5 days ago

    I've seen your instructable, it is totally same with me, but mine is MDF case, where your is 3D print by plastic, it looks strong and small than mine. Keep up your passion!


    7 days ago on Step 4

    Segili arkadaşim başari diliyorum.
    Çok güzel proje


    Reply 9 days ago

    Thanks for your words. I will try to make this same kind project