Introduction: Arduino + MFRC522 RFID READER

Interfacing MFRC522 with Arduino Nano.This is one of my fav topics ever. Playing around with the RFID card reader and the PICCs. For this project
you must have the understanding of the SPI interface. We communicate the RFID reader with our Arduino
over the SPI protocol. The card reader and the tags communicate using a 13.56 Mhz electromagnetic field.
The tags that we will use are the ISO 14443A type. We will use the SPI library which is included in the
Arduino software.

The Chip That is used in the card reader is :

We will also use the excellent RC522 library from Miguel Balboa.

Step 1: Parts Required

You can either use an Arduino Uno or Nano. I use Nano here.

1. MFRC522 Module
2. Arduino
3. N number of tags
4. Breadboard
5. leds
6. jumper cables

Step 2: Hardware Connection

This is standard SPI connection.
Arduino pin no. MFRC522 READER
10 SDA(SS)
13 SCK
3.3V 3.3V


Once we have the connections up its time to write the code. There are many variations of the code available.
Some allow you to dump the UID of the card directly to the serial monitor. The AccessControl example
included in the library is a really good code but it is a bit overkill if you are new to the RC522 so i decided to
write a simpler version of the code. In my version of the code you define the UIDs of the Authorized cards in
the code. So once you burn the code into the arduino you cannot add new cards, however from a beginners
perspective you can learn a lot from this example.
here is the code

Step 4: Working

Ill be uploading a YouTube video tomorrow and will embed it here.

edit : uploaded the video



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    13 Discussions

    Nice explanation and details.


    Question 2 months ago

    i have one question , how to write tag details in that,, in this it able to read tag but unauthorized k, how to give authoried and unauthoried

    Is this RFID tag reader reprogrammable? If not this, can you suggest any rfid reader which is reprogrammable?

    Hi, I am having trouble, when I am scanning the tags they are not showing up on the serial monitor? I don't think the scanner is detecting the cards?

    1 reply

    Please check the SPI connections. If they are correct maybe the module is not working. Also select the correct com port.

    i had added the code previously but i dont know why it disappeared from here. I have added it again in the software step.

    ah i have to wait :) mine was just pass aust date/time snd i see mine commend date stamp is different timezone. sorry mine was early.

    1 reply

    where video it already next day

    This is really cool. I always wanted to try out RFID with some of my Arduino projects. I can think of so many ways that it would be useful.

    1 reply