Arduino Magic Light Cup Tutorial

Introduction: Arduino Magic Light Cup Tutorial

Hi guys in this instructables we will learn how to use Magic light Cup module with arduino.

Arduino Magic Light Cup Module is a set of two boards, each one has a led and a mercury tilt switch. Using PWM to drive the LEDs on each module you can achieve the effect of light being "magically" transferred from one module to the other when tilting them.

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Step 1: Things You Need

In this instructables we will need following things :

Arduino uno

Magic light cup tutorial

Jumper wires


Step 2: Schmatics

Connect each module using the following diagram.

KY-027 (A) Arduino
+ 5v
S 8
L 9
KY-027 (B) Arduino
+ 5v
S 7
L 6

Please follow the shown schmatics and connect everything According to it.

Step 3: Code

Please copy the following code and upload it to the arduino Board :

int ledPinA = 9;
int switchPinA = 8;
int switchStateA = 0;
int ledPinB = 6;
int switchPinB = 7;
int switchStateB = 0;
int brightness = 0;

void setup()
pinMode(ledPinA, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledPinB, OUTPUT);
pinMode(switchPinA, INPUT);
pinMode(switchPinB, INPUT);

void loop()
switchStateA = digitalRead(switchPinA);
if (switchStateA == HIGH && brightness != 255)
brightness ++;
switchStateB = digitalRead(switchPinB);
if (switchStateB == HIGH && brightness != 0)
brightness --;
analogWrite(ledPinA, brightness); // A slow fade out
analogWrite(ledPinB, 255 - brightness); // B slow bright up

Step 4: Magic Light Cup in Action

In this Arduino project we are using both the modules to create the magic light cup effect. The mercury switches in each module provide a digital signal that is used to regulate the brightness of the LEDs using using PWM. Tilting the modules will decrease the brightness on one module while increasing it on the other one, creating the illusion of light magically passing from one module to the other.

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