Arduino Nano Mini LED Matrix Clock




Introduction: Arduino Nano Mini LED Matrix Clock

Baeutiful simple matrix clock with many features

Step 1: Building

On "Nick's LED Projects" page I found clock project witch show the time on 4 matrices with 8x8 leds. He built the clock with matrices from "icstation" store who sells Matrix Module Panel DIY Kits.

With a minimal change in the code, I made my clock with MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module Microcontroller 4 In One Display which is completely folded and is much cheaper. I purchased it from Aliexpress:( The clock has many features :

-Basic mode with large digits -Slide mode where digits roll on and off screen -Small digits with seconds mode -Time written in words e.g. “Ten past Twelve” -Date display -12/24 hour option -Brightness option -Random clock mode option that changes the display mode every few hours. -Push button driven menus for setup & display selection.

Step 2: Schematic and Code

As you can see on the circuit, except matrices we need an arduino board, a real-time clock module, and two push buttons for settings. You can download libraries and modified code at the links below.


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4 Discussions


7 months ago

If I could make just one suggestion. The schematic shows the display as 4 seperate modules whereas the supplied component is one module with 5 pins brought out at one end.


Question 10 months ago on Step 1

Nice project .. but The libraries was error .... can you please re upload the libraries for us ? that useful project ... thanks


1 year ago

A really neat, simple to construct clock. I love clocks.