Arduino PIR Sensor Alarm (SIMPLE VERSION)

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  • Arduino Uno REV 3
  • PIR Sensor
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Jumper Wires
  • Blue LED

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Step 1: Build & Program Your Arduino PIR Sensor Alarm

Building & Programming The Arduino PIR Sensor Alarm

This Is A Simple 1-Step Project To Create A PIR Sensor Alarm Using The Arduino Uno. When It Detects Motion The LED Will Flash And The Piezo Buzzer Will Sound To Alert You That Motion Was Detected. So Just Connect The Bliue LED With Large Lead Into PIN 13 And Smaller Lead Into GND. Connect The Piezo Buzzer's Large Lead To PIN 10 And The Shorter Lead To GND. Finally, Connect The PIR Sensor's OUT PIN To PIN 2. Also Connect The PIR Sensor's GND Pin To GND And It's VCC PIN To 5V.

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13 Discussions


2 years ago

sir i uploaded the code now my pir sensor is trigering the led even if there is no motion.

plz help


3 years ago

its not suddden sound


3 years ago

Hello! It works for me but the beeping sound just starts and never stops so I don't think it is activated by the PIR sensor. I also didn't use a LED so I just cuted off the lines with LED instructions in the sketch, could this be the cause of the circuit never stopping?


3 years ago

Hello, could this be modified to be use as a trash can sensor so that when someone drops trash into a hole in a trash can lid, it causes a cheering or clapping sound? Thanks so much.

2 replies
Matthew Blevinsrwkahn3

Reply 3 years ago

Yes! I Am Sorry For The Late Response. I Have just Recently Had Time To Start Working On My Projects Again. You Could Simple Add A Speaker Or Piezo Element To The Assembly. You Would Have To Find The Audio File In Which The Speaker Would Play When You Opened The Trash Can Lid. I Will Be Happy To Research This More If You Want.


Reply 3 years ago

Hi, I am looking for something similar . The only challenge would be finding something which can create a cheering sound or any other sound. Rest everything would be same. Let me know if you find anything.