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About: Hello! My name is Hrid, i'm electrical engineer! I live in Croatia and my hobby is Arduino and robotics! Cheers

One of projects was Arduino radar on my faculty. Easy and simple build. I will put pictures and code for Arduino!

In few sentences i will introduce you to project...

The detector is a device measuring device that reveals the existence of a phenomenon or object. In today branches of science used for observation of the phenomenon, the separation of a signal or as in this paper for search and detection of objects. Most commonly used in chemistry, radio technology, physics and as a metal detector. The chemistry is a device used to detect the presence of substances (often toxic or harmful). The radio technology detects signals of higher frequency converting AC to DC signal. In physics, a device for determining the properties or identifying particles and radiation.
The aim of this project was the realization of detectors facilities with two-dimensional representation of registered objects on the LCD screen. The project is based on the Arduino microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and serial communication between the two devices to a computer. The mere communication of microcontrollers and sensors today is one of the ever-present detection method and calculating the distance of objects. The servo motor is used to start the ultrasonic sensor. Programming is determined swing angle servo motor from 15º to 165º. Ultrasonic sensor, which normally measures the distance to 4 m, in this project is configured to measure the distance up to 40 cm.

Let's see what components are needed and realize the project!

Step 1: Components Required

Components required for this project are:

  1. Arduino UNO R3
  2. Electronic testing circuit board
  3. Jump wires
  4. USB cable for Arduino to computer
  5. Micro servo SG90 (9g) - TowerPro
  6. Ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04

Step 2: Software Used!

Step 3: Get Started With Project!!

First we need to define in Processing program font to display letters and symbols on the screen, for radar.

In Radar.rar file you will see "OCRAEXT" file, that is font file, you click on it and install it. After that, in program Processing go to: "tools/Create Font..." there will be list of fonts and find "OCRAExtended" on it, choose font size 30 and click OK (just like in pictures)! See what port is connected your Arduino and in line 13 of Processing code set the port number (COM4 in picture).

Connect everything like on Fritzing scheme, power it on, upload Arduino code, open Processing code, set everything and you are ready to go! I put servo on small wood block and on that sensor with small wood stick to hold it. Hope you like it, it was great project for me and very educational!

I will try to help you in comments if you have some problems.

PS...Sorry for mistakes in english grammar! =))

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Question 6 weeks ago on Step 3

when i run i3 processing, it shows com4 not found error. in my laptop there is no com port, so what should I do?


2 years ago

i need the complete genuine code...pls man.....i got cheated twice..:(

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Code for this project is in 3rd step in rar can search on google for similar codes for this kind of project! cheers


Reply 2 years ago

No,it can't detect speed with this kind of radar, just items in the radar range! (using ultrasonic waves)


Reply 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply Goku Hrid, so I want a device in my car to detect police radar camera, is it the same thing?


Reply 2 years ago

No,sorry...different system!