Arduino Simon Says Game

Introduction: Arduino Simon Says Game

Hello!This My First Instructables.This Is A instructions for a simple Arduino Simon Says Game.Parts needed:220 ohm resistor,4 buttons,4 leds(All in next step.)

Step 1: Prepare the Parts

You Can Find It On Ebay.

Step 2: Do the Circuit!

Below Is The Fritzing Sketch.That's The Circuit.

Step 3: The Arduino IDE

Get it here

Step 4: Code Me!

Get the code here

Step 5: Wall Mount



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10 Discussions

Hey, you steal my work! That first picture is my own picture from my project with the same title. I'll report you to the admin if you're not delete my picture, it's so rude using other project and claim to be yours, and without asking permission!

Sorry,i mean that my Arduino IDE version is old i think you should try Arduino IDE 1.5.5 R2 (

i am getting an error message with this code.

Documents/Arduino/libraries/Tone/Tone.cpp:26:20: fatal error: wiring.h: No such file or directory

#include <wiring.h>

any help?

2 replies

May be it's because your Arduino IDE is to old so it's not included with the Wiring library,may be you don't have Wiring or Tone library.

I have the tone library and the arduino uno that i have, was just bought recently, so i believe it cant be too far out of date.
most likely to be up to date.

any further suggestions in checking my IDE?

is it possible to make it so when u finished the game the box opens and theres prizes in there if so could u tell me