Arduino TTS ( Text to Speech )




Introduction: Arduino TTS ( Text to Speech )

Hi Guys today in this tutorial I will teach you how to make your Arduino talk without any external module. Here we can use this in numerous projects like speaking thermometer, Robots and many more. So without much wasting time let's start this project.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

In this project you gonna need a very cheap and easily available things. These are the parts required:

1. Perfboard

2. 220 uF Capacitor - 2 pieces

3. 10 uF Capacitor - 1 piece

4. 10 K ohm resistor - 1 piece

5. 1 K ohm resistor - 1 pieces

6. 10 ohm resistor - 1 piece

7. LM386 IC

8. 8 ohm 0.5 watt Speaker - 1 piece

9. Jumper Wires

10. 9v Battery and battery cap

11. Arduino

12. Soldering Kit

Step 2: Making the Amplifier Circuit and Connecting It to Arduino

Now we gonna make a amplifier circuit with the parts. The positive and negative of the Amplifier would be connected to both Arduino and 9v battery. If connect the Amplifier to low power battery or low voltage the volume of the speaker will be less. The positive terminal of the pin 3 of the IC will be connected to any Arduino PWM pin ( Most better is pin 3) and the positive terminal of the pin 5 of the IC will be connected to the positive terminal of the speaker. Solder all the parts on a perfboard according to the circuit.

Step 3: Programming and Testing

This is the last step of the process. In this process we gonna use only one library i.e. TTS library by JS CRANE. There's a link to his GitHub profile. Upload any example from the library and you will be able to see a the result.

Link :



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13 Discussions

AWESOME BRO I made it and I tried it to connect with your last update and believe me it is working now the input in your last update could be listened Oh yeah!!!

1 reply

First of all Thanks and I appreciate your efforts and I am very happy seeing your interest in my projects. Thank you a lot.

One more thing sir im using aurdino uno1. 00v

Sir i need the TTS program as well as the TTS LIBRARY so please send both the pic or link in my message reply

Sir i am facing problem in TTS library it only shows a error so please help me

"Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno."this error is occurring while compiling the code, for given code which board should be select

1 more answer

Any board will work. Please post the screenshot of the error in the Arduino IDE.

I made this circuit like yours. Uploaded the tts test example on Arduino Uno. I hear some noise that keeps repeating itself. The pot controls the volume of the noise. But I cant hear a clear audio output. Need your help

4 more answers

It is connected on the third digital pin

I saw your video and there is no problem. Actually the library produces only that type of creepy robotic sound. For better voice quality use the Talkie library. It will produce nice real like voice. Please tell about your project in which you gonna be using it. Then I can help.
Best regards

Hi Stalker94
Connect the input pin to Arduino on D3 for better sound