Arduino Temperature and Humidity Clock

Introduction: Arduino Temperature and Humidity Clock

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In this instructable,i will show you how to build a Temperature and humidity clock,using I2C lcd on the Arduino Nano

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Buy the Components

For this,you will need:

-I2C 16x2 LCD

-DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor

-Arduino Nano

NOTE:You will need a usb Micro B cable to power the arduino

Step 3: The Wiring

The display

SCL → A5

SDA → A4


VCC → 5V

Temperature sensor

OUT → D2


VCC → 5V

Step 4: The Code

You will need to download Arduino Software and open the sketch.

After you open the sketch,connect the arduino board to the computer,select the port and the Arduino board(You need to select Arduino nano) from Tool menu.

Step 5: The Case

Here are the 3D files for the case

After printing it,glue everything and you are done!

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