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About: Hi, my name is Stephane. I am 14 years old and I love making things. Currently I am interested in robotics and programming in Java and Swift.

This is a fun but challenging project. Its is a wireless robotic hand that imitates your hands movement. This project mainly relies on 2 arduinos and 2 xbees.

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Step 1: Making the Hand

1 arduino
1 sparkfun xbee sheild
1 xbee
5 servos
wire tubing
string or fishing line

1. Cut the wire tubing into five pieces (about the size of each of your fingers)
2. Cut out small circles for the joints.
3. Put a piece of string through each tubing and tape it to the top of the finger.
4. Tape all the fingers together.

Step 2: Wiring the Hand

1. Put the xbee shield on the arduino so that all the pins match up.
2. Then put the xbee on the shield where the outline is. Make sure the xbee is facing the right direction otherwise it could be damaged.
3. Attach the yellow wires from each of the five servos the the digital pins on the arduino.
4. Attach the positive ends of each servo to a five volt battery.
5. Attach black wires from the five servos onto a breadboard in a horizontal line. 
6. Then run a jumper from the negative pin on the xbee shield to the breadboard, and a jumper from the breadboard to the five volt battery.
7. You are done with the robotic hand!

Step 3: Making the Glove

5 flex sensors
1 arduino
1 Sparkfun xbee sheild
1 xbee
Ferric chloride
Copper Clad board
5 22k resistors


1. Draw the flex sensor circuit five times on a copper clad board using a sharpie.
Link to circuit:
2.  Put the copper clad board into a plastic container and pour ferric chloride on it.
3. After about 25 minutes pull the board out and wash it with acetone.
4. Drill holes in the board where the resistor and wires are supposed to go.
5. Solder everything in.

Step 4: Wiring the Glove

1. Attach the xbee sheild on the arduino and the xbee on the xbee sheild.
2. Attach the yellow wires from the circuit board to the Analogue pins on the arduino.
3. Attach the positive and negative wires that are on the same side as the yellow wires to a five volt battery.
4. Solder the positive and negative wires on the opposite side to each flex sensor.
5. Put the flex sensors on each finger of the glove.
6. You are finished!

Step 5: The Code

The code for the Wireless animatronic hand:

Sending Xbee Glove:

int Finger1 = 0;
int Finger2 = 1;
int Finger3 = 2;
int Finger4 = 3;
int Finger5 = 4;

void setup()

void loop()
   byte servoValue1;
   byte servoValue2;
   byte servoValue3;
   byte servoValue4;
   byte servoValue5;
   int FingerV1 = analogRead(Finger1);
   int FingerV2 = analogRead(Finger2);
   int FingerV3 = analogRead(Finger3);
   int FingerV4 = analogRead(Finger4);
   int FingerV5 = analogRead(Finger5);
   if (FingerV1 < 200) FingerV1 = 200;
   else if (FingerV1 > 460) FingerV1 = 460;
   if (FingerV2 < 200) FingerV2 = 200;
   else if (FingerV2 > 460) FingerV2 = 460;
   if (FingerV3 < 200) FingerV3 = 200;
   else if (FingerV3 > 460) FingerV3 = 460;
   if (FingerV4 < 200) FingerV4 = 200;
   else if (FingerV4 > 460) FingerV4 = 460;
   if (FingerV5 < 200) FingerV5 = 200;
   else if (FingerV5 > 460) FingerV5 = 460;
   byte servoVal1 = map(FingerV1,460, 200, 255, 0);
   byte servoVal2 = map(FingerV2,460, 200, 255, 0);
   byte servoVal3 = map(FingerV3,460, 200, 255, 0);
   byte servoVal4 = map(FingerV4,460, 200, 255, 0);
   byte servoVal5 = map(FingerV5,460, 200, 255, 0);



//Joint angle to internal value back to joint angle

Receiving xbee Hand:

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo1;  // create servo object to control a servo
Servo myservo2;
Servo myservo3;
Servo myservo4;
Servo myservo5;

void setup()
   myservo1.attach(2);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object

void loop()
   if(Serial.available() >=5)
    byte servoAng1 =;
    byte servoAng2 =;
    byte servoAng3 =;
    byte servoAng4 =;
    byte servoAng5 =;

    // Send the servo to the position read... <-- you get to make this happen

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    I really like your project, so I decided to make it myself too......I just had a few doubts.

    Did you configure your xbee using the computer or did you directly connect it to arduino?

    Also, which is the negative pin on the xbee??


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    My questions might be a bit annoying but I really need to know on what settings in x-ctu did you configure the xbees how did you configure one into rx and tx??? please reply


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    Here is a great tutorial to configure the xbees:


    5 years ago on Introduction

    you can find in on the xbee data sheet:


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    I am sure you could do this but it would be harder to program to HC05 to talk to each other than it would for two xbee's.


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    hello sir i found you're project interesting i want a complete ckt diagram of this project just sketch it with a pencil sir