Arduino for Beginners

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Nowadays, Makers, Developers are preferring Arduino for rapid development of the prototyping of projects.

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino has very good user community. Arduino board design uses variety of controllers which includes(AVR Family, nRF5x Family and fewer STM32 controllers and ESP8266/ESP32). Board has multiple Analog and Digital Input/Output pins. Board contains USB to Serial Converter as well which helps to program the controller.

In this post we will see How to use Arduino IDE and Arduino boards. Arduino is easy to use and very good option for prototyping projects.
You will get plenty of libraries and number of hardware build for arduino board which gets fit pin to pin to the module board and Arduino board.

If you are using Arduino board then you won't require any programmer or any tool to program to Arduino boards.
Because those board are already flashed with serial bootloader and ready to flash over usb to serial interface.

Step 1: Points Covered in the Tutorial

Following points are covered in this tutorial.

1. Schematic Explained
2. Bootloader Explained
3. How to use Web Editor
4. How to Use Arduino IDE
5. Example on LED Blink
6. Example on Serial Interface
7. Example on Switch interface using polling method
8. Example on Switch interface using interrupt method
9. Example on ADC.

Step 2: Tutorial :

Step 3: Types of Board Can Be Used for Arduino Programming



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