Arduino Runs Tip31 + LEDs

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***This Instructable for the time being only shows the parts. The whole project is not complete

Parts used:
5 LEDs
Arduino uno 
3.5 mm male audio jack to + and - wires
wires for breadboard
push button

Attach the LEDs in parallel with each other.
Attach the Tip31 onto the board and connect the middle lead to the negative leads of the LEDs.
Attach any output pin on the Arduino to the positive leads of the LEDs and the negative terminal to ground.
Attach the positive and negative leads of the 3.5 jack to their relative leads on the Tip31.
Attach one lead of the push button to pin 2 on the Arduino and the other lead to the ground pin.

You will need an Arduino code that will change the output that powers the LEDs and the Tip31 from on to off every time
the button is pressed. (I am still working on this instructable and will post the code shortly.)

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