Arduino Voice Control




Introduction: Arduino Voice Control

Step 1: Part list

Step 2: The Access port

Step 3: Arduino

Step 1: Part List


- Voice recognition module V2 (Ebay ~22$)

- USB to TTL module (~2$)

- Arduino nano (~6$)

- Breadboard

- 3 Led

- some wire


- Serial tool (Im using Accessport, link in video description)

Step 2: Teach the Voice Module

This module can learn 3x5 voice command. (3 group, each group with 5, max 1300ms long command)

To teach, we need a serial tool: Accessport.

- Start the program, plug in the module with the USB to TTL board.

- From the Monitor/Ports menu, select the voice module. If not see, click refresh.

- In settings menu use this settings:

Baud rate: 9600

Parity bit: NONE

Data bit: 8

Stop bit: 1

Send format: HEX

Receive format: Char

Other settings as default.

- The first time, we need to choose "common" or "compact" mode.

Im using "common mode".

- For this, send "0x36" to the board.:

Just type after the "00000000" AA36, and click "Send".

If its ok, above you can see "common mode" text.

The modul now ready to learn.

- To teach the commands, send "0x11" to the module. (this mean, we record to the first group).

Type after the "00000000" AA11, and click "Send".

- After appear the "START" word above, tell the first command, repeat if ask.

"Finish one" mean, you done with the command, immediately afterwards ask the 4 other command in same way.

"Group 1 finished" mean you are done, close the app, unplug the module,

Step 3: The Arduino Code

- After disconnected the voice module, connect the arduino, and upload this code.

Or download from my google docs. (Link in the video description)

- Leds connected to the pin 9,10,11. (use resistor)

- After code uploaded, unplug the arduino, connect the voice modul:

VCC to 5V


Rx to Tx

Tx to Rx

- Power on the arduino, wait 3-5 sec until ready.

- Talk to your arduino :)


int redPin = 9;
int greenPin = 10;

int bluePin = 11; byte

com = 0; //reply from voice recognition

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);

pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);








void loop()




com =;



case 0x11:

digitalWrite(redPin, HIGH);


case 0x12:

digitalWrite(greenPin, HIGH);


case 0x13:

digitalWrite(bluePin, HIGH);


case 0x14:

digitalWrite(redPin, HIGH);

digitalWrite(greenPin, HIGH);

digitalWrite(bluePin, HIGH);


case 0x15:

digitalWrite(redPin, LOW);

digitalWrite(greenPin, LOW);

digitalWrite(bluePin, LOW);





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