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Introduction: Combustion Gun With Quick Load

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Rifle combusted "Alcoholerito 2" with alcohol loading system integrated air and ammunition

This is my rifle combustion self-built. I leave some
photos with references, and video of this little weapon in action.

It is made of aluminum, carbon fiber and wood. Everything was made at home, and is of very low economic cost. It is very efficient, because it has a powerful neodymium magnet that holds the imprisoned ammunition in the charging system, (shoot steel balls 3/16 "- 4.76 mm), making the deflagration pressure increase.

I do not have chronograph, so not exactly the output speed of the ammunition, but for example, plywood conveniently drilled about 10 meters, while its effective range is about 40 meters. Enough so that I can play for a while!


Charging system of air and fuel:


1- air intake valve

2- air transfer valve

3- spray system alcohol (98% methanol)

4- fuel tank pressurization

Fuel tank 5-

6- ammunition loading system and retention (magnetic)

System load and retention of ammunition


1- Accommodation neodymium magnet (12,000 Gauss)

Closing Charger 2-

3- needle to seal the ammunition magazine

4- Magazine (10 steel balls 3/16 "- 4,76mm)

5- Barrel

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    3 years ago

    This looks great! You can break your instructable into steps as well to make it easier for readers to follow.


    3 years ago

    Here is a video of the prototype in action!