Armorshell Leather Pouch




folks!. My name is Roman and now i am gonna show you how to make «ArmorShell» Leather Pouch. You can buy this pattern here

Armorshell leather pouch

To make it I need
these goods and tools:

1. A piece of 4-5 oz veg tan leather .

2. Wing divider.

3. An Awl.

4. Utility knife.

5. 2mil and 5mil round punches.

6. Some woodworking clamps.

7. A pencil or a pen.

8. #1 edge beveler.

9. A mallet or maul.

10. A holster button.

11. Some leather dye (your preferred color).

12. Multi-size wood slicker.

13. A thread and two needles.

14. Thread cutter.

15. 5mil chisel punches

16. 2 buckles

17. 2 belt screws

18. a piece of 1.5mm cardboard

19. a piece of wax of paraffin

20. a piece of fabric

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Step 1: Step1. Print and Cut Shell Pieces.

Step 2: Step2. Trace Its Onto Leather and Cut Out. If You Want You May Dye Its With Preferred Color.

Step 3: Step3. Fasten Them With Bolt.

Step 4: Step4. Sand to Flat Surface With Sanding Drum.

Step 5: Step5. Burn Edges With Edge Burnisher and Polish With Paraffin. If You Want You May Dye the Edges Preferred Color.

Step 6: Step6. Cut Out Main Pieces and a Piece of Cardboard. Punch Holes for Belt Screws.

Step 7: Step7. Cut Belts to 1inch Width and 1foot Length. Burn the Edges Your Preferred Way.

Step 8: Step8. Measure the Right Size for Buckle End.

Step 9: Step9. Punch Holes for Buckles.

Step 10: Step10. Attach Buckles With Rivets.

Step 11: Step11. Cut Buckle End’s Belt to 3.5 Inches and Skive Down the Opposite Side to Prevent It From Swelling.

Step 12: Step12. Glue Cardboard Piece to Main Leather Piece. Then Locate Buckle Straps and Belts and Glue Them Too.

Step 13: Step13. Glue Leather Pieces to Fabric With 8-10mm Overlap.

Step 14: Step14. in the End of the Fabric Glue and Sew Thin Leather Strap. Size 1.5inch Wide and 8inches Long. This Piece Will Be Sewn to Main Leather Piece to Hold Shell Pieces in Place.

Step 15: Step15. Glue This Piece to Main Leather Piece.

Step 16: Step16. Cut Out Triangular Chips So You Can Fold It Over Your Main Piece.

Step 17: Step17. Do It Both Sides

Step 18: Step18-1. Punch Holes in Main Piece.

Step 19: Step19. You Will Get Something Like This.

Step 20: Step20. You Are Ready to Sew.

Step 21: Step21. Sew Pouch With 1mm Thick Wax Thread.

Step 22: Step22. It Is Ready! Hooray!!

Step 23: Shotime!

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    Question 8 months ago on Introduction

    I am trying to understand the purpose of this gadget. Would you please explain what it is used for?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    8 months ago

    This looks awesome! Could you add some more descriptive text to the body of each step? I don't have a lot of leather working experience and I could use all the help that I can get.