Assistive Simple Shopping Bag Carrier Super Cheap Almost Free.


Introduction: Assistive Simple Shopping Bag Carrier Super Cheap Almost Free.

Dont you hate when you carry the groceries from the car and the handle of the bag is so thin and goes so deep that it makes you drop the bag, and some time they are not even that heavy? Now imagine how much harder has to be for and elderly, ill, or disable person.
This simple and cheap assistive tool is going to make that chore way easier.

Step 1: What You Are Going to Need.

Plastic cloth hanger
Duct Tape

Dremel or cutting tool.

Step 2: Cut the Hanger.

From the center of the hanger (where the hook is) measure 3" to each side 
With you dremel or cutting tool cut the hanger on both sides.

Step 3: Mold With Sugru

Get a piece of sugru about the size of one and a half golf balls wrap it around the center of the hanger, make sure that you cover both side completely and that the sugru is firmly on place try to mold it to your hand the better you do this the more comfortable it  is going to be lets sit and when ready grab you hook and go shopping.

Step 4: Mold With Duct Tape.

If you dont have sugru you can also mold with duct tape. 
Wrap the duct tape around as many time as necessary until you feel a comfortable grip.
Thats it you are ready to go shopping.
warning: it so comfortable that you are going to even dare your family to see who carries more bags



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    5 Discussions

    I have posted your tutorial on my blog. You can see here:

    Thanks for all your great ideas! I know my readers will appreciate them!
    Becky J

    not a bad idea however i believe these will not handle much weight at all. These plastic hangers barely will hold a heavy winter jacket, but there are several different thicknesses and grades of these hangars some will even shatter leaving sharp edges

    1 reply

    Thank you. i did try this on the video with actual full shopping bags and there was no problem, but if you have 3 gallons of milk you can always do one for each hand and distribute the weight or like you said experiment with other types of hanger or material, i like the hanger because its really easy for anybody to find and do.