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More Ice is coming and I have already had one too many slips and falls.

I went to the store to get some Ice cleats. I was told that summer sporting goods are now stocked and no ice cleats.

Well, I decided to make some of my own, from a Dog harness and home building materials.

This is what I want to share with you - in this instructables.

Please note these cleats are not a replacement for common sense (when in doubt don’t go out).

Caution these cleats are sharp

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Step 1: Design – Items and Tools


I wanted to make the cleats at a low cost and from available off the shelf items.

I went to the local building supply store for the material ideas.

The cleats: I first looked at electrical plates but they required drilling and bending and were costly. Then I found the mending plates. Mending plates intended use, is to help hold wood framing together.They fit the bill, under a dollar each, several sizes to choose from. They already had the serrated teeth for the grip, very sharp. They will cut your fingers.

The downward strapping: I wanted to be able to easily take off the cleats with a snap clip or buckle. The local dollar store had dog harnesses. The have nice buckle with double strapping - perfect, I first thought of the small size but selected the larger for the wider strapping.

Rubber back strap: I know that the downward straps tend to loosen up, I wanted to have a rubber cord to hold the cleats on. Also, the straps go from the top of the boot to the bottom, I wanted the rubber to keep the horizontal movement down to a minimum. Well Mini bungee cords fit the bill.

Connectors : My biggest design issue was how I was going to keep the metal plates onto the downward straps. I first thought pop rivets – nuts & bolts - screws (downward - additional cleats) – metal straps – metal staples – wire - not bad; but I wanted something else. I came up with the zip ties. Zip ties are quick and easy.


For spikes – two - 3 inch by 6 inch mending plate (they are used for connecting wood in house building).

Bungee cords – two – 10 inch mini bungee cords with steel hooks

Zip ties – eight total (four per side) – 4 inches long by 1/8 inch wide.

Strapping – two – large dog harness fits dog chest sizes - 18 inch to 24 inch. I purchased these from the local dollar store. A large is actually quite small to my dogs. Base on this sizing chart, my dogs are mutants.


Household scissors

Flat nose pliers

Side cutters

Leather gloves

Step 2: Opening Plate for Connectors and Prepare Harness for Downward Strapping

I marked the teeth with a black marker - that I wanted to remove.

The teeth are removed; so I can thread the connector strap (zip tie) through the mending plate; without hitting the teeth.

The zip tie will connect the downward strapping to the plate. I used flat nose pliers to bend the teeth back and forth until they break off.

Basically I did this in all four corners of each plate.

The harness was designed for a dog so it had a cross strap that I did not need.

Using household scissors, I cut both loops of the the cross strap to remove.

The last picture shows the scrap or the removed pieces.

Step 3: Connecting Downward Strapping to the Plate

I placed the downward strapping on top of the plate (teeth on opposite side).

Flipping the plate over - I then threaded the zip tie through the outer hole over the strap – back through the opposing hole.

I closed the zip tie with the locking clasp, and then pulled tight.

Once tight, I used my side cutters to trim the zip tie.

I repeated this step four times with each plate.

Step 4: Add Rubber Back Strap and Mount to Boot

Using the existing rings on the downward straps - I connected one end of the mini bungee cord with the metal clip.

I placed the boot over the plate and brought the straps together.

I closed the straps together using the snap buckles.

There are adjustments buckles on the downward straps to tighten.

Step 5: Testing

Once I got the ice cleats mounted - I went to that darn slippery hill by my house.

I only put one Assured Foot Ice Cleat Walker on, so I could compare it to my regular boot.

Works great, no slip or fall, it stayed on my boot.

I am very pleased with this set up.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Congratulations Scott, you a finalist in the Makerlympics Contest! You are a worthy winner in my eyes :D

    2 replies

    Wow, I just never know how things are going to turn out. I happy to be selected.
    Thank you for your support.


    Thank you, we are getting another 6 inches of snow tonight and the trails are iced over.

    Thank you for viewing my instructables


    6 INCHES?! Wow, now thats where all my snow goes. I take it you live in the US. I live in the UK and we have barely had enough snow so it sets!


    I live in the Mid west of US in the state of Michigan, we get a little of everything, this year the snow is higher than my knees. We are now heading into the ice, freezing rain etc.. I have to watch what I say about deep snow; when people from Northern Michigan talk about snow it is in feet not inches.


    Hehe! Yeah, it probably gotten to the point with all the freezing conditions and ice that its becoming annoying :-/

    Hope you don't slip on ice, stay safe mate :-)

    And how much feet are people in the North getting!?


    Where my friends live, they have about 6 feet. they actually have homemade bridges going to their mail boxes, but this is only good for so long.

    Fikjast Scottmole1

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I must have deleted that part out from step 2. I used the flat pliers to break them off. See step two for the picture of the pliers on the teeth.
    Thanks for asking.

    Great idea! nice! Cheep make too. The dog harness can be purchased at a dollar store over here too. Probably for a dollar or 2. :)