Atari XC12 Becomes Video Recorder

Making video recorder for IP-cameras on base Raspberry Pi 2 with an USB HDD (SSD) drive that all together had placed in retro Atari XC12's case.

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Step 1: Details

Any single-board computer with USB and LAN port can be used here, as Raspberry, Odroid, even some routers.

YDS-5A DC-DC converter steps down from 12-36 to 5V 5A was used in this case.

An USB HUB is optional only if used USB HDD (SSD) requires more than 1A power.

The RJ45 patch cord and the pair-wire cable with DC power jack was used. All electronic components of Atari XC12 and main part of it tape track was deleted.

The original "Save" LED of the Atari XC12 was used as LAN indicator of Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: Video Archive

The video archive accessible from any computer in home network.

See "Diary" for detailed instructions and commands case.

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