Attack on Titan/ SnK 3d Maneuver Gear


Introduction: Attack on Titan/ SnK 3d Maneuver Gear

Attack on Titan - 3D gear
Cosplay Prop WIP

This gear is a cosplay prop made for and with a good friend of mine. Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan is/was a big hit and therefore she wants to do a cosplay. Here we go trying out best to build and craft the machine all the soldiers use to move around the scary and mostly ugly titans.Follower our pictures and steps to do your own

after 5 days-done with the stuff.I just need to do the swords.
And I am thinking about making me one too

Step 1: References

I am thankful for these highly detailed references! they helped a lot in this cosplay prop WIP.

This way you can easily understand what is needed,how big and where is needs to be placed.

Step 2: Tools and Material

You will need the following tools :

- styrofoam
- a cutter
- paste and tissue paper (paper maché)
- webbing (1.2m or depending on your sizes) to hold up the boxes
- hot glue+sticks
- UHU por/g styrofoam glue
- dark,light and silver acrylic paint
- card(-foam-)board
- screws ( at least 3)
- Spray paint grey and or metallic
- some black wire or rubber band used as the cables
(- duct tape)

Step 3: Engine Work I + Base

Styrofoam is your friend!! :D
You can carve out all the shapes and details out of a block of this foam to get your mechanism pieces from side and back. Once you carved enough, use a little bit of sanding paper to get it more accurate.
NOTE: don't use hot glue, normal glue or spray paint on this now . it will melt down your styrofoam immediately!! D:
Cover your pieces with paste and tissue paper and let it set till it is completely dry and hard. A hair blower can help with the time issue or you can simply make a break or something else. When everthing is dry you can start paining :D

Picture 5
To create the bottle tanks, we were lucking in one of the office supplies stores (also check out artists and architectural stores). We got ourselves some plastic pipes to transport your blueprint with and cut them! One half of a plastic ball with the same diameter glued on top gives you a good shape.
I drilled in some wholes to put in those T-shapes plastic pipes. I did have some at some, but you can get them at a hardware store!

Picture 6
The centerpiece and platform of the engine. This piece is light PVC and can be easily cut and deformed after you put some heat on it(hair blower or heat gun). Form it like in the next step, so that the small pieces are pointing to your wastes' sides and the big plane is slightly tilted.

Picture 7
Tthe small platform of the engines steamer is positioned at your lower back and it's supposed to be hanging a bit diagonal. The screw in the middle of it will help fixing the steam engines part to it - use your hot glue here!

Step 4: Engine Work II

Picture 1
Round side pieces of the engine. An old cardboard pipe or even the leftovers of silk ribbon pipes are useful to do these things. We added ring shaped pieces of this cardboard,cut with a cutter, to give it more 3 dimensional appearance. Covering it with paste and tissue paper to make it look smooth and easy to paint. The paste hardens everything,too!

Picture 2-4
Some details of the side pieces of the engine on your back.

Step 5: The Boxes

For the boxes you will need 2 big sheets of styrofoam/kappa board (70x100cm; around 5mm thick)

Picture 1
Use a ruler to mark and carve in the straight lines that will be bend to form a box!
Example: 10cm-25cm-10cm-25cm

Picture 2-4
foam sheet construction to slide in the extra sword blades.

Picture 5
The boxes parts need to be painted - spray paint is way easier and faster and I believe in this amount cheaper then using acrylics and brushes. So We set up a little painting area on my balcony. PLEASE NOTE!! when using spray paint it is a) highly recommended to use a mask, b) very very handy to have some old cardboard underneath and c) you can create a silver-ish metallic look by base coating the pieces in dark grey/black and then add silver spray on top.

Picture 6-9
Attaching you will use some screws!
The boxes are almost ready to be closed. Before you do so, add all the details you want to be added. It is way easier to do so then working on the closed boxes. Indeed, use a screw to add the webbing to the box .This way it is still flexible and turnable. The big clip you see on top of the red-black-red piece will be used to hold the boxes at the right hight of your legs and still give you the chance to walk normally. You clip those into the harness of your tight.

Picture 10/11
cutting out some extra sword blades;adding details and coloring them. they will be put into the slides of the boxes(better glue some in!!) :P

Step 6: Swords

I moved with all the materials and stuff into my universities workshop. I was a little bit nervous,but when I get started working-with materials, machineries and tools - I feel...I feel great!! :)


The swords are made out of 3mm plywood. Because the handles need to bigh thicker I made them out of 3 layers: outside-blade-inside! (pic2)
the middle one and inside piece of wood needed to be altered a bit, so the bicycle break would fit smoothly into the wood handle!! (pic. 3/4)

BTW - I used a print out pic from the refences of the handle to test meassurements. the ones fitting my hand guided me as a pattern for the wood work to be ahead!! You can download picture9 of this step to do so,too!

Using a bend saw to roughly cut out all the pieces and wood glue and clamps to bring them together.(pic.4)

Picture 5
once the glue was completely dry I could take the swords to the sanding machine and sand off all the bumps and larg and pointy edges. I added some details with a Dremel/hand carving tool and smooth some edges into round shapes.
Details are made out of foam and left over ieces from the bicycle break. The handle also needs some grip! I used the silikon kitchen matress stuff from IKEA for this. Made myself a paper template, transfered it onto the silikon sheet, cut it out and spray painted it.(pic6))haha you can see my supernatural shot gun prop in this picture too XD)
Using some contact adhesive to glue the handles onto the wood. You can use a heatgun instead,too.
Wires(hollow and leight) were added later from Lindwurm.


Step 7: Finished 3d Maneuver Gear

Let me introduce you to Freddie and Mercury - Lindwurms (a close friend of mine) personal soldier gear from the super strange, but cool anime Attack on Titan!


Please Note - I sadly can NOT do COMMISSION on this piece if you are not from germany. This is because of the impossible way of shipping this light weight, kind of fragile thing. I am sorry.
Still, I edited the tutorial with more photos and description so it is easier to follow the steps. Good Lick

Step 8: Cosplay

I can finally show you the gear in (cosplay) action!
This is the lovely Pola Cosplay with Freddy and Mercury.

Looks cool,doens't it? :D

for more cosplay, design and work in progress/tutorial related stuff, check out my other instructables or visit me on facebook via Kion Cosplay <3

Step 9: No Commissions Possible! :(

I have been asked many many times if I woulddo commission for this gear. I'm sorry to tell you that this is not possible.

Thinking if it would be any helpful to create a template for you to craft it?I'm not so sure

If you would like to know some more detiled information of the process of crafting the gear I am happy to help as good as possible :)



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86 Discussions

If you still have the life-sized template could you take a screenshot or picture of them and give us the dimensions of the paper on which they were? It would help tremendously to make the gear. That aside, wonderful tutorial, thank you so much!

I want to Make this but i cant because im looking for something that i wont hit someone with

It looks wonderful! I can't wait to try it myself!


2 years ago

When it comes to painting foam/styrofoam, it is best never to use any petrol based paints at all. One missed spot and you will be starting over again.

I have found that the best types of paint to use are water soluable acrylics. Come in all sorts of colors and are easy to mix and clean up.

But if you want to get the surface nice and smooth for painting, try using a 3 parts white glue (Elmers prefered) to one part water, if that is too thin and isn't filling the gaps, just add more glue, I say this because some of the off brands are on the thin side, so if the glue realy runny right out of the bottle, don't thin it out with water use as is.

Hello, i love the way these look they are amazing!! I am hoping and most likely going to a anime con in March, Ive never cosplayed an anime character and i adore attack on titan so i thought why not Mikasa! However, its very expensive and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get the cosplay for a decent price? Please send suggestions!! Sincerely, A fellow cosplayer

1 reply

a good place to get it would be a site called wish that is where i got my Levi cosplay and it looks amazing, i price up all my cosplays before i buy them and this site has helped me lower the price so much also good luck with you Mikasa cosplay

do you have dimensions in english please? :s

Hey I was woderimg if you can send me a list of what you used? And your gear looks awesome and my friend told me about your page and I think this is great!

2 replies

i'd recommend using just cardboard for the blade holders, and overall Styrofoam, and/or white foam for the maneuver gear.

hey. thank you so much and a hug to you and your friend^^
all you need is listet in the first steps of this tutorial. if somethings missing it's up to your interpretation. try use leftovers for example. :)

how much did this build cost...just wondering. and how long did it take to build

2 replies

You are most probably gonna make alot of mistakes and go through alot of prototypes before finally getting it. I'd say you might go through about 300 dollars if you're winging it, 100 dollars if you have someone giving you very good steps.

oh and a friend did this in about 3 days i guess. costs ? sry cant say for sure anymore.espacially because its in euro

Hey, this is really awesome. Could I may ask how much
styrofoam, card board and wire you used?

1 reply

hey. thx. 2x card board (70x100cm), styrofoam left overs. not much at all and about 4-5m wire? to be sure?..yeah i guess

This is simply amazing 3d maneuver gear!! But I was wondering about how heavy was the final prop? Did it weigh down any of the belts or straps of the harness while you were wearing it?

i was just wondering what thickness of styrofoam board you used for the boxes. was it 5mm? thanks for the tutorial, it looks really great!! :)

Hey Jared. So sry, but the gear is not with me anymore. So no detailed measurement :(
But if you want to be sure, use some paper or cardboard forcreating your personal measured template first.

thanks i eventually just ended up looking for average hight of 17 year old and derived the mesurements from refrence photos but thanks.