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Introduction: Audible: a Bluetooth Book Player

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I recently bought a Kindle and it had voice assist and I wanted to use it but my Bluetooth headset wasn't working so I decided to use whatever I had around to build one which I can use with

Step 1: Ingredients

An A7 size note book
A Bluetooth receiver
A tp4056 charger module
A micro switch

Step 2: The Recipe Book

You can either buy one or like me can use an old A7 size note book it doesn't matter they all look the same.

Step 3: Battery (Nokia Bl-4c)

So, you can use any mobile battery but I used a battery from an old Nokia basic set which was manufactured aeons ago.
(p.s I put some salt er cooking words for making it humourous but I think it's enough of it)

Step 4: Blueteeth Reciever.....he.he.he

You can use any Bluetooth receiver in the market like this one (PT-810), so you see mine I bought it a year ago and was damaged due to "a series of unfortunate events" but sadly it was working so I decided to use it.

Step 5: A Charging Module and a Micro Switch

This one here is a tp4056 charger module and a micro switch.
The micro switch is from my old broken RC copter

Step 6: Hard Rock.....(I Mean Work)

Cut the paper to fit the battery, Bluetooth reciever, charging module and micro switch and solder it together (not shown)

Step 7: Let's Play

Connect the earphones and also charge the battery and don't forget to switch on other wise it will not work(note for debugging){just kidding;) and ENJOY.PEACE AND LOVE:)
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Thank you all for a thousand views.More interesting instructables coming soon.

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