Auto Loading Knex Gun/Pistol With 9 Round Magazine, by Bannana Inventor.





Introduction: Auto Loading Knex Gun/Pistol With 9 Round Magazine, by Bannana Inventor.

This is a cock-shoot style knex pistol wth a 9 round magazine. The magazine is jam free, and fires gray single connectors. ENJOY :D

Step 1: Building the Handle.

Build and connect the handle as shown.

Step 2: Building the Magazine

Build and connect the magazine a shown. You can make the mag as long as you want it. This one, as I said, holds 9 rounds. NOTE: The far left object in the left picture is the mag ram, you will not need that until later.

Step 3: Building the Barrel.

Build the barrel as shown. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHICH SIDE IS WHICH. They are both different.

Step 4: Connecting

Finally connect everything.

Step 5: Finishing Up.

Slid in the two rams. I forgot to get a pic of the firing ram. It's just a yellow connector on a gray rod. Now just attach the rubber bands and you are done!!!

Thanks for building my gun, and don't forget to check out some of my other stuff. :D



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    119 Discussions

    I moded mine so it has a trigger

    I moded mine so it has a trigger

    Jams up to much

    I don't understand step two

    Is there another piece u can use for the black ones in step 2

    guys you just pull back the ram rod and let go to fire

    step 3 doesnt have enough pictures showing you how to make it

    just thought id let you know ;)

    i can't load the grey connectors into the mag because there're to big can you help me?

    1 reply

    did u put the black things on one side of the mag? thats what happened to me.

    This is not good. The mag is too small for the white pegs, it has no trigger...
    I spent a whole half an hour. Wasted.

    1 reply

    this is pretty good, and if you people want a true trigger version i made one a long time ago. just remember that bannana inventor is the genious behind the gun and that some other person nobody knows of made the first true trigger like the one used.

    it's a gun i'd say.
    i made something similar a few days ago with out a handle, just used the mag for the handle

    nice job :)

    hey, great magazine. I"m gonna attach that to Mango Man's pistol. If it's nice, I"ll post a mod.