Automatic Stress Detector and Reducer Device

Introduction: Automatic Stress Detector and Reducer Device

Stress reducer device is a such type of device that will not only automatically detect your stress but also reduce it. Whenever a person suffers from stress than their heart beat rate increases. So in this device i’m using heart beat rate sensor that will detect the heart beat rate of a person and when heart beat rate of a person goes above the normal level then the circuit activates and start producing alpha waves. Alpha wave is a brainwave that allows a person to feel good and this alpha wave stops when person is in stress. So this device will produce artificially alpha waves to make the person feel good, happy and out of stress. This alpha waves will last for fifteen minutes and after that it’ll stops producing alpha waves but the stress detection will be still on and if person’s stress not reduced or his heart beat is still high then it’ll again starts producing alpha waves. This device will solve the problem of millions of person. This device will be a portable and one can carry it in their pocket. They just have to put the device in their pocket and stick the heart beat sensor anywhere on their body and all set. This device can also be use in indoor. One can just fit the device on their sofa or chair and when one sit and put their hand on sensor than it’ll automatically detect his stress and starts producing alpha waves to reduce his stress. Using this device millions of people get rid of a stress that is a major problem of now a days in our society.


· Arduino

· Heart beat sensor

· Ldr

· Led

· Mp3 player

· Sd card

· Speaker

· Usb cable

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    So nice!! The wholeg world needs that type of device !! You did excellent bro!! May you win the contest


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