Autonomous Surface Cleaner + Disinfecter

Video Link -> This design is a concept which aims to reduce the transmission of infection by apply disinfectant and wiping down any surface it covers. In addition, it will also clear up any spills and collect any crumbs left on the surface it is tasked with cleaning. Through the use of a centrifugal fan, the robot can stick to any surface, regardless of the orientation by creating a low pressure zone beneath the robot, giving the wheels traction. This will also have the effect of helping to dry the surface. The wheels track behind the wiper and spray to ensure they should only touch clean surfaces, avoiding spreading germs around a just-cleaned surface. By having a compliant rubber blade, the system can clean tiled or completely smooth surfaces. The robot has ultrasonic sensors at each corner for environment detection, and two downward facing sensors at the front of the system to ensure it doesn't drive off the edge of a surface. These sensors and control algorithms could be replaced with more versatile ones allowing the robot to navigate in the presence of a day-time moving environment such as a kitchen. The way I see this robot working is stored at the back of large worksurfaces, and coming out at night to systematically disinfect the whole area and tucking themselves back away before the morning.



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