Aux-in Jack for VDO RD3-00 Car Radio (Peugeot, Citroen)




Introduction: Aux-in Jack for VDO RD3-00 Car Radio (Peugeot, Citroen)

I owe a Citroen Berlingo 2002, problem is no audio in.

The result is a 3.5mm female jack getting out the radio. So when you want to listen to music, set the volume of the radio down to minimum, connect your mp3 player (phone, ipod, etc.) and click play!

We need to remove and disassemble the radio and make 4 little weldings in it. We will use an audio 3.5mm female jack cable (but you can use whatever sound interface you like - es. male 3,5mm jack, female-male 6,3mm jack, female/male RCA audio - )

The VDO RD3-00 is a car radio sold with other cars by Citroen/Peugeot:
Peugeot 206
Peugeot 307
Peugeot 807
Citroen Xara Picasso
Citroen C2
Citroen C3
Citroen C8
Citroen Berlingo

I did get the info for the welding from this article, but didn't understood anything else because it is written in Spanish, I think!

Step 1: Remove the Radio

To remove the player from the fascia, just insert four small screwdrivers or something similar into the slots at the sides. This is from a tutorial from the web, I actually took it off by forcing it with a cutter... your choice!
Disconnect the ISO connectors (Black for power and VAN bus data communication; White for the four speakers - see piture) Disconnect the grey cable on the right, too.

Step 2: Open the Radio

Force the top iron cover with a screwdriver

Step 3: Remove the CD Reader

Unscrew the four screws shown in the red boxes in order to remove the CD player. Be careful to the jack panel underneath!

Step 4: Make Welds

Cut the audio wire (connected to the jack or whatever interface you chose). There will be two smaller wires (left and right) and some very thin raw copper wires (ground)

We weld the left wire to FLV and RLV (see picture).
We weld the right wire to FRV and RRV(see picture).
We connect the ground to the side of the copper box.

FLV: front left voltage
FRV: front right voltage
RLV: rear left voltage
RRV: rear right voltage

Step 5: Reassemble the Radio

I made the audio wire pass throw 2 of the 4 holes used to remove the radio (making them unusable was not a problem for me, since i removed the radio with a cutter).
Reconnect and reassemble everything back.

When you are listening to the radio, set the volume down to minimum and connect an audio device to the jack. You should now be able to listen to the sound emitted by the device. You will set the volume only through the device. If you set the volume of the radio up the sound of the radio will overlap the sound of your device.

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I made it too, but the volume is lower than you can get with a radio transmiter conected to the phone and if you try to add a little amplifier it makes noise sound while is not playing music


Hi! I tried this method on my Peugeot 206 radio, RD3-00. I applied everythink in your steps.

But i have the following issues: when i ground the cable to the copper frame, a huge noise comes through the speakers. When i do not ground it, the noise is gone and the audio is OK, but the voice in the music is very very low, almost unhearable.

Any idea's?

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I have the same problem. How do you solve ?

Today i did the rd3-01 Radio. The pcb is quite different but it also worked.

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Svp Pouvez-vous m'envoyer ces photos par e-mail? Merci

Can you send me those pics by e-mail?
Also have rd3-01 and want to try.

I have the VDO RB3-00 it's a cassette for my Peugeot 206, i want to install an AUX, but the diagram is totally different any idea's

Works great most of the time!. Unfortunately, when I plug a bluetooth receiver to it and makes a lot of noise. Also makes lots of noise when I plug the cellphone to the car charger.

When I use the cellphone or iPod alone, it works great!

Tried to buy the connector filman bought... but couldn't find it here in Colombia... So... if any of you knows how to filter the noise... I would appreciate your help.

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You probably have the reverse ground in the phone compared to the stereo.

it's works, but in mono! why?


here's in spanish.

i´m a complete amateur when it comes to electronics, so when i faced this problem i choose to buy this, it took me less than 5 minutes to instal it and it works great.