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This is a table I created for my game room. It is designed to come apart turning functional furniture into improvised (defensive) shield and (Weapon) hammer. I modified the idea after reading an instructable Zombie Defense Table by BrittLiv. I Decided to Theme the defense table to the Avengers. (Captain America's Shield, Thor's Hammer, sitting on the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo).

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Step 1: Items You Will Need

  1. lumber 4x4
  2. 1 1/4 inch dowel rod
  3. 3/4 inch dowel rod
  4. table round
  5. table round
  6. brown paracord
  7. drill press or hand held drill

Step 2: Thor's Hammer

  1. Begin by cutting the 4x4 lumber to a 9 1/2 inches block for the head of the hammer. You will also need a 3 inch block for the base to secure the hammer to the table.
  2. Set your saw to a 45 degree angle and saw 1/2 inch on all for corners length of the Hammer Head Block. Then using the same angle, cut 1 inch corners from the faces of the hammer giving it a bevelled shape.
  3. Now set your saw to a 30 degree angle and cut your 3 inch block forming a trapazoid base.
  4. Take your 1 1/4 inch dowel rod and cut it 18 inches long to serve as the handle.
  5. Drill 1 1/4 inch diameter hole in center of hammer head approximately 2 inches deep.
  6. Drill 1 1/4 inch diameter hole in the top center of your 3 inch trapazoid all the way through.
  7. On the Top of the Hammer Head Drill two 3/4 in holes aproximately 4 inches apart for the dowels to affix to the table top.
  8. Drill a screw sink hole so that you can affix a screw to through the head of the hammer into the Handle Dowel.
  9. Glue handle into hammer head and secure with a self tapping screw (use self tapping to prevent the dowel from cracking or splitting.

You now have Thor's hammer complete and ready for painting.

Step 3: Table Top (Shield)

  1. Drill two 3/4 inch holes in the center of your 18 inch table round, 4 inches apart as shown in the photos. This should line up with your hammer head holes drilled in the previous step.
  2. Cut your 3/4 inch dowel into two 3 inches in length pegs.
  3. Draw outline of Captain America Shield for Painting.
  4. Glue Dowels into table top and let dry.

I deliberatly left the dowels longer than my drilled holes to give the effect that the table top was hovering above the hammer. I did not want the painted surfaces to come into contact upon completion, so I left the gap which minimizes the table top stability slightly. You can remove the gap by cutting the dowels shorter for a more stable table top.

Step 4: Base of the Table

For the base of the table I traced on my Agents of Shield (S.H.I.E.L.D) logo, and affixed my trapazoid to the center of the table using 4 self tapping screws. Make sure to pre drill a screw sink so that the base of the table doesn't sit on the screws and that it is flush to the floor.

Step 5: Premade Table Without Paint.

Assemble all the parts to your table. Make sure that the table top is level and that all fits together properly. you may need to drill more or less to level out the table top.

Step 6: Paint and Clear Coat

I painted everything by hand using acrylic paints, and used a Polycrylic clear semi-gloss on the table to protect from spills. I choose not to gloss the rest of the piece because I like the flat appearance. Thor's hammer was finished with brown tan paracord on the grip, and the grip handles for the shield were done with navy blue and red.

Step 7: Table in Action. (Avengers Assemble)

The table comes apart by removing the shield, then the hammer. Hope you enjoyed this instructable. If you like it vote for my contest entries.

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    10 Discussions

    Michael CLithiumRose

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to see the photos when your done. I got this idea from another instructable and it inspired me to create. I hope it inspires you.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is possibly the most beautiful woodworking product I have ever seen. I'm truly crying tears of joy.

    Michael CBrittLiv

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I wouldn't have been able to do it, if it wasn't for your original Instructable. I really love your work, and If I can be half the maker your are, I would be happy.


    Seriously, this is one of the best ideas I've ever seen. The shield, the hammer and the logo... Some day, I will make one for my kids.