Awesome Batman Keyholder in Under 10 Minutes!

Introduction: Awesome Batman Keyholder in Under 10 Minutes!

Since I'm a fan of everything that deals with Batman, I conceived the idea of building a keyholder shaped like the Batman sign. I decided my prototype to be made out of metal and also plan to make a more time-consuming version out of wood.
All you need for the easy metal version is an aluminium sheet (I used 0,8mm aluminium), a jigsaw with a metal-saw blade (preferably for curved sawing), a hammer, a screwdriver, a piece of paper, a ruler and a Sharpie. If you'd like to paint it you will also need sandpaper and spraypaint.

Step 1: Make a Template

The first I did was making a template out of paper. You can use the measures I used from the picture, or use your own size/shape. I used the classic Batman logo because it has more peaks, which allows you to hang more keys.

Step 2: Transfer the Template to the Aluminium Sheet

Once you are finished with your template you can start cutting it out. I folded it first, to be shure the two sites are symmetrical. Now I used glue strips to fix the template in place and started tracing the shape with a Sharpie.

Step 3: Cutting the Sheet

Finaly you can cut out the shape with the jigsaw. This is the most difficult part. I made a few mistakes like cutting in the batsymbol or bending the metal accidentally because of bad mounting. So be sure the metal is fixed on your workbench to avoid those mistakes.
I continued by sanding the keyholder and grinding the edges. In the end I bent the peaks by placing a screwdriver just before the end of the peak and beating it into shape with the hammer.

Step 4: Colouirng

In the end I added colour to my keyholder, using metallic-blue spray paint. Black would fit better but all I had was blue and since this is just the prototype it should also fit very well :P .

Step 5: Finishing

Once your Batman keyholder is finished, you can drill holes to hang it on the wall.
You can decide weather you bend all of the peaks, or leave out the ears or the inner peaks of the wings.

I will also make an instructable for the wooden version but the basic idea of the keyholder is the same.

I hope that you liked my instructable and enjoy recreating it!

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