Awesome Rocket Car

Introduction: Awesome Rocket Car

This is litterally a hotwheels car attached to a rock. it is way easy and totally awesome.

Step 1: Materials

Hot Wheels car, modle rocket motor, straw, 2x4 peice of wood 15 feet or longer ,  12 gage wire, hot glue, electrical tape, veirner photogates, veirner program, 2 L Brackets, car battery. rocket igniters, and a ignition wire to attach to the rocket and battey. 

Step 2: What Kind of Car?

Find a nice car to attach a rocket to. the best is a hotwheels car like an abulance that u can stick the rocket in the back.

Step 3: Building the Car 1

Drill a hole allthe way through the cars front window and back window to stick the pen tube through. Find a really good spot to attach the rocket to. Then hot glue the rocket to the car really good. Make sure that you glue the whole thing. then put zip ties around the car and rocket for extra support. Or you can use electrical tape and tape around the rocket and car. The first attempt we did we just glued a ziptie sticking straight up so that it would regester on the photogates. Dont make your car any longer than 10 centemeters. 

Step 4: Track 1

Find 2x4 peice of wood that is longer than 15 feet. Put one L Bracket at each end, with wholes that are even with eachother on each end. measuer out 10 cm from the begging and mark it. then measure out every meter after that and mark it. this will be were you will put the photogates.

Step 5: Attaching the Car to the Track

Put the wire through the the pen tube that u made in the car and set car in the begging. settup all the photogates on the marks that u made in the board. Make sure they work when u attach them to the computer. Then we launched them. Unfortanatly we did not collect any data like this. 

Step 6: Track 2

We thought that it might have been the track and that the wire was to loose and the cars were flying off the track and out of the photogates laser. We attached a PVC square pipe and cut the top of and ran it down the length of the track. we didnt modify the car at all and still couldnt get any data.

Step 7: Car 2

the only modifications to the car we made for track the is adding two pen tubes on the side of the car and the getting a binder clip and taping the metal prons together so that the photogates have a bigger and stiffer object to read. We think the zip ties would fold down as the car launched. The weight of the car will most likely be less thatn a 100 grams. My science groups car weighed 72 grams.

Step 8: Track 3!!! the Working One

Since track one and two didnt work we took the PVC of and put two wires down the track insted of one. this helps to keep the car up right. Now that the cars has a big object to pass through the photogates our only worry was keeping it straight. the two wires helps with that. This track worked really well. If you are concerned with the friction from the wires slowing down the car, dont because it will not effect the car t all.

Step 9: The Data

This is the data that the photogates picked up. The total distance traveled was almost six meters. The speed of the car was 18.5 meters a second. That is 1110 meters a min. The average acceleration was 21.24 m/s/s. The average velocity was 18.5 m/s.

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Very intruiging study. Thank you!


    10 years ago on Step 4

    hey man. you're hurting my neck. flip that photo on it's side so I don't have to flip my head!


    10 years ago on Step 6

    what happened to some of your photos?  This is great Instructable with solid data - you need to finish it.