Awesome Backlit Sherlock Portrait!!!




one of my favourite works .and an easy one too


Step 1: Materials Needed

basic stationery like pens ,pencil, eraser



card stock (black)

white bond sheet

thin craft paper

Step 2: Materials

Step 3: Create a Silhouette of the Character

do it on the black card stock.(a4 size)

Step 4: The Silhouette

Step 5: The Inside of the Silhouette

tear up little pieces of the craft paper.assemble the pieces in the cut out area on the bond sheet. these pieces should be put together like a mosaic and glued to the thin, white bond sheet.This way, fill up the whole character.

Step 6:

continue like this, till the image is covered.once done. assemble the cut out silhouette( the black card stock cut out of the character) of the image with the corresponding lines of the portrait on this bond sheet -which has the mosaic .

Step 7: Finally

glue the card stock black sheet with to the bond paper.apply glue on the sides of the sheets only- to let in light from the back :)once the work is placed in front of a light source-it lights up beautifully.



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