Awesome Halloween Corpse for Less Than 3 Bucks




Introduction: Awesome Halloween Corpse for Less Than 3 Bucks

I love Halloween , almost as much as Christmas !  So I love decorating and making my house look really scary.  I have so many ideas of what i want , but most of the time, they are way out of my price range or i just wouldn't pay for something i thought i could make. 

Instructables has SO many Great ideas, i hope i can add to that. 

also i went to a Halooween store aroudn where i live, and Oh My ! , the store looked liek a haunted house.  

this corpse i made was inspired by the store, and very easy to make. Took me about an hour to gather materials and put it together . 

Lets get started ! 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

All you'll need for this is :

Newspaper / flyers 

String / twine

and Garbage Bags

( well and scissors to cut the twine of course)

* duck tape is optional, for larger bodies

P.S.     ill apologize now for the poor image quality , im using the cam on my mac to take pics, yea im lazy lol )

Step 2: Fill Bag and Shape

Now, start crumpling up single sheets of newspaper and almost fill the bag. dont make it tight, because your going to compress and shape it in a minute.

Once its full , go ahead and tie the bag closed , then shape it into a fag cigar.  making sure its bigger at one end ( where the head and shoulders will be)

i had to kind of lay on mine to get it to shape properly.

Step 3: Tie Him Up

Now take ur  long shape, and at the big end, start to form a head,  probably about the size of a grapefruit , or large orange. then once u get a close shape, tie some string around the neck

dont cut the sting off yet tho, keep it on the roll because we are going to tie the "body" up like meat.  its kind of hard to explain

wrap the twine coming from the neck, around the body, a couple inches down, then wrap the twine around itself, to hold it here

Step 4: Finish and Set Him Free on the World !!

Then move down a couple inces ,and wrap the twine around the body again. This time, wrap it a little tighter, to make it get narrower as u get closer and closer to the feet. 

Keep doing this till u get to where the "feet" would be.  Form the newpaper balls into a foot shape, then wrap the twine around the ankels, then around its self.  Then youll want to wrap aroudn the top of the foot , to the bottom.    

Now u can finally cut the string and tie it off and you shoudl have sometihng that looks like this.


Place in you entrance way or even outside. im sure your corps wont mind a little rain , hes dead ..... or is he !!!

Step 5: Extras !!

A couple suggestions 

You could hang him from a tree or hang him somewhere inside ,   just tie some more string around his neck.

I made one with cardboard but wrapped it in spiders web instead , then hung it from my ceiling.

You can also make them bigger , i made one almost 5 feet tall, looks more convincing too.  Jsut use anytihng you can find around the house that your gonna throw out anyway. i used a 4 liter milk jug for the head, and three , 2 liter  juice cartons for the torso.  Then some cerial boxes for the legs filled with newspaper balls.  and some news paper balls duck tapped  all over to give it more bulk.

Experiment, have  fun, and Happy Halloween 




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20 Discussions

What did u use for feet?

when it's lying on your mantle & your counter, it looks REAL. that could really scare the cr@p out of people.

i'm sorry this offended you, it wasn't my intention, nor was i trolling. Being that i haven't a clue of your age or maturity level, nor the street that you live on and its proximity to either cars, or people, please forgive me if i assumed that you weren't capable of making sane choices. i was simply showing some concern and foresight for those that possibly don't have their own, Its pretty rampant these days. So if concern is trolling, guilty as charged, but i didn't mean any harm by it. Did you with your reply? Doesn't matter, its really not worth getting upset about.

love this idea! Think is the quickest project I've done in a long time plus it helped me use up all my daughters Dora the Explorer christmas wrapping paper

i dont think a misperceived corpse on a busy street...carsstartled drivers+hyped up candy fueled childen terrified by a dead body+frustrated tired and over-it two hrs ago parents with multiple kids constantly needing wrangled or carried ist he smartest way to spend halloween. Oh my god what an irresponsible act that judge would reframe for you... think it all the way through please.

Simple, cheap, and looks great! Nicely done.

Great Instrucable. My Wife and I made this using old cloth bits and some bamboo sticks to give the lags some rigidity Thanks for the inspiration.

So easy and yet so perfectly creepy! Good one!

thanks for this looks great outside the entrance to our pub, i used all the dead leaves from the beer garden so it was win win for me got in the wifes good books lol

I made three of them and littered the front lawn and driveway with them and a few signs ("Bodies Buried, $5.00", "Pick up Extra","Two shovels, no waiting") and they looked great.

I found it easier to stuff an old pair of pants and stuff an old shirt and safety pin them together, it was much easier to shape them and the sizes were right. All you have to do is stuff a bag for the head and roll up some paper to become the feet.

If I repeat it next year, I'll add a body or two throughout the week, maybe a sign that says, "Just Dump and Go".

It's a great idea and I owe you for sharing it. Thanks loads, eh.

cool idea !! we made "body bags" last year, they looked real but they arent really scarey even with half a corpse hanging out. This could be a great replacement. Thank you for sharing!

2 replies

I have one poorly lit pic showing the finished bags on one of my how to haunt "ibles" they are just weed barrier material sewn into a bag shape and slit open on the top like a coroners body bag. Take approximately 12' of weed barrier, fold it in half lenghtwise and sew the 3 sides together, slit one 6' side ending about 4" from each end, insert body of choice

This is great! Last year we put up crime scene tape and a chalk body outline with pools of blood in front of the porch. I think this would be great on the deck this year. With of course loads of blood all over the door and ground. I like being the house kids are not sure if they want to ring the bell or not.

You could stuff an old pair of trousers, socks and a long sleeve shirt to help get the right shape

Omg... that's some scary stuff, looks so real.
That would scare the crap out of me if I saw that somewhere, haha.

Great job on the instructable!