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Introduction: BEACON - Safety Alarm Necklace

This Instructable will teach you how to make an inexpensive wearable safety alarm necklace. For me, living in NYC means that my nightly commute between the train and my apartment is often fraught with concern for my safety.

I designed a wearable technology piece that sets off an alarm when the wearer triggers the alarm with a copper ring, but any metallic/conductive trigger would work.

Materials Needed:

Piezo Buzzer (Radio Shack)

9Volt battery

Battery holder

Conductive Thread

Copper Tape

Copper tube (that fits on your finger)

Solder (would be helpful)

Step 1: Connect Battery to Speaker

Of course, you'll want to test your battery first, just connect the negative (black) leg of the battery to the speaker and the positive leg (red) of the speaker to the battery to make sure everything is in order.

Then you'll want to connect the Piezo Buzzer to the battery. I soldered the two legs together, but if you don't want to solder, you can wrap the wires together with copper tape.

Step 2: Make Your Necklace Centerpience

I used a brass fitting to be the centerpiece of my necklace, but really you could use anything you'd like- gems, weaving, trinkets, tiny dinosaurs, etc.

I wrapped the to ends with white electrical tape to prevent my circuit from short circuiting. You should do the same if your centerpiece is made of metal. Copper tape will be added to the sides of the necklace, and if the tape wasn't there, the alarm would go off constantly. The brass ring you'll wear, and touch to the necklace will close the circuit.

Step 3: Connecting the Necklace to Alarm and Battery

This is the easy part. Just thread conductive thread through the two ends of the necklace center piece and bring it to the two exposed positive wires from the battery and speaker respectively.

I wore BEACON with a cape and let the battery and speaker rest in the hood of my cape for two reasons: 1. I wanted the speaker to face outward and 2. I wanted the hood to support the weight.

In the images above, I threaded conductive thread through the copper tape, and also soldered it for extra connection.

Step 4: Wrapping the Conductive Thread

I wrapped the conductive thread with wool to take some of the necklace's weight off the conductive thread. It changes nothing about the functionality of the necklace.

Step 5: Test the Connection.

Essentially all you're doing with the brass ring is closing the circuit for the necklace. When you touch the ring to the centerpiece of the necklace, you're allowing electrons to flow between the two pieces of copper tape to trigger the alarm - pretty simple huh!?

If it doesn't work, most likely the ring isn't touching the two pieces of copper tape properly.

Step 6: Decorate Your Necklace (if You Wish)

I liked the bare look of the necklace, but I decided to see what it would look like with paper decorations, so added the black and blue paper with hot glue.

I also added fairy lights to my necklace. The fairy lights increase the visibility of the connection point in the case that you need to trigger the alarm in deep darkness. This might be something you'd want to consider.



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    15 Discussions

    I like the could work for elementary school children as well.

    It should be switched, if u put the ring away it should alarm ...

    It's not like muggers are the biggest/bravest/strongest, they are bottom feeders who use surprise to get their way. A little surprise (and the Spanish Inquisition) back at them may be the difference between a bad day and a good story.

    Nice idea but if someone were to try to overpower and abduct a person with this and hears the alarm what's stopping them from ripping it off and crushing it.

    Wouldn't it be better if it were silent & connected instead to a cellular device with GPS that's programmed to automatically send a distress 911 text message when triggered?

    3 replies

    Or better yet have it trigger two devices.

    Both the alarm for when your in a fairly populated area and the emergenct GPS cellular to alert 911. Both at the same time but have each device in separate places so if you're alone and they destroy the alarm the emergency GPS is still hidden and functioning.

    The best thing to do if you were in a threatening situation is to call 911 and scream for help. This necklace is attempting to sound an alarm before being attacked, perhaps if you were unsure if you were being followed or just wanted to make someone think twice before approaching you. This necklace is a deterrent device.

    I understand it is meant to be a deterrent.

    I think it's a great design for use where there are others around.

    I just think it would be even better with a second emergency gps cell device.

    Say you had 2-3 miles to walk on your commute or whatever and while in NYC it might not happen much but in other cities in the country that trip would probably entail starting off where there are quite a few others around but might taper off quite a bit by the end of your walk.

    A second device could call the cops and track you at the same time if one got abducted and no-one heard the alarm part before it got destroyed.

    I just think taking the design that step further could save someone that makes it but ends up in circumstances that make the alarm not enough.

    great to see someone incorporate safety into fashion. personal attack alarms are great... except they're very rarely to hand. hats off! have you considered a similar activation as the attack alarms? say a pull cord switch at the wrist of a jacket.

    A little sad that you feel the need for this, but I love this because I can imagine it making someone feel quite a deal safer. Also how well integrated the necklace is with your style. Thank's for sharing, it's an awesome build.

    1 reply

    Before I clicked on this instructable I also thought it said bacon but then I saw it was something totally different. I read it anyways though and it's actually a pretty cool idea. Good job and thanks for sharing!

    Cool Instructable, it would be cooler if you could get it to dial your phone though.

    When I first read this I thought it said Bacon safety alarm necklace....

    which is something else entirely.

    nice job on your instructable

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    You look like Billie Piper