'BEST DECK EVER' in Clash Royale. in Depth Guide

Introduction: 'BEST DECK EVER' in Clash Royale. in Depth Guide

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Today I'm gonna disclose the secret about the deck I used to get to Royal Arena in Clash Royale at ONLY LVL 7. Yes you read it right.

Step 1: This Is the DECK

This is the Deck that I used to get to 2300 trophies at premature lvl 7. Ith consists of:-
1)Hog {alternate-prince}
3)Baby Dragons
4)Giant Skeleton
5)Goblin Hut
7)Spear Goblins
The average remains 3.9 which is quit low.
This deck can counter most type of decks.
Its Just that you should know how to use the cards effectively.

Step 2: At What Times Should You Battle?

You should never battle repeatively after you reach 1900 trophies. Only battle in multiplayer when you have an empty chest. Never get hyper if you lose.
Always do friendly battles in Clan, they enhance your skills

Step 3: The Hog

The Hog will be the main attacking card in your deck. It does a lot of damage to the enemy towers. It is only For attacking and not for defending. It costs only 4 elixer which really cheap for its stats.
Whenever you know that the enemy is low on elixer like when he deploys a pump, just through a hog along with baby dragon. I guarantee that the enemy tower will lose half it HP.

Step 4: Barbarians

Barbarians are mainly for defending. You should avoid using them for attacking as they can be easily defended by low cost units. You SHOULD NOT use them to defend against bomber or wizard.But it can easily defend against a Pekka, giant skeleton, hog, prince, golem, three musketeers, mini Pekka, Giant, Royal giant, witch,skeleton army and the musketeer
Although Being a 5 Elixer unit, its really chrap for what it giver you, four mighty powerful warriors.

Step 5: Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is like a airial Giant. It does spalsh damage which is great threat to strong units like barbarians, ballons and spawners. It can also destroy bomb towers which can be irritating. It along with some high damaging unit can totally wreck a tower.
The unit only cost 4 elixer which is great again.Its only weakness is musketeer and obviously 3 musketeers. It is really strong against groups of small units.

Step 6: Giant Skeleton

The Giant Skeleton is really effective in attack as well as in defence. In attack it does quit some damage BUT once it reatches the tower and dies a bomb is spwaned. The bomb explodes after 3 seconds and does approx 800 Hp of damage. If left alone, It can single handedly take a tower.
In defence Its really great. Suppose your enemy deploys barbarians(5 elixer), a wizard(5 elixer) and a musketeer(4 elixer), just deploy a Giant Skeleton and when its bomb explodes,boom ,the army gone. His 14 elixer army defeated by a 6 elixer unit.
Send a splash damage unit like baby dragon along with it to overcome its weakness i.e. the spwners and skeleton army.

Step 7: Goblin Hut

Goblin Hut is a spwner building which spawns spear goblins. It can be really effective on a ling run. It can easily defeat high hp units with slow hits such as Pekka and golem and can slow the charge of Prince and dark prince.
With a high hp unit along like Giant skeleton or a dragon, it is the MVP in the game. 6-7 spear goblins left alone can take down a tower single handedly.

Step 8: Arrows

Arrows are an essential part of any type of decks. It is used to take down strong but less hp unit such as minion horde, a pack of goblins, skeleton army and most importantly goblins barrels. Nowadays people are using goblin barrels along with freeze spell by which he can easily take a tower. His 8 elixer can be easily defeated by 3 elixer arrows.
Also when a tower has 50-70 hp left, arrows can be realy helpful to take down the enemy tower.

Step 9: Goblins

3 Goblins costing only 2 elixer are really, really powerful but with a very low hp. They can easily take down hog, a giant, a royal giant, a mini Pekka, and archers and a musketeer single handedly and can easily distract prince and the dark prince.
Goblins along wIth any unit in front of them can do alot of damage.
Being a 2 elixir unit, it gives you good amount of stats.

Step 10: Spear Goblins

3 Spear goblins worth 2 elixir have lower stats than goblins but they can attack from a distance. They can do 200 damage to the enemy tower themselves. They can defend against all that the goblins can defend plus the minions and Ballon as they can attack Arial units.

Step 11: Enhance Your Skills

Remeber the saying-'The deck doesn't make the man, the man makes the deck.'
It you with your skills that can defeat tge enemy, not the type of decks that you choose. If you wanna get better, practice by doing friendly battles or training battles.
Work Hard, Play Hard

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    5 Discussions


    Question 8 months ago on Step 2

    Why do you only battle when you have an open chest slot above 1900 trophies


    2 years ago

    Problems: no anti-air high-damage unit, no way to deal with elixir pump.

    recommendation: add a medium-high damage spell.

    Cards that can give this deck trouble: mega minion, furnace, flying machine, zappies, goblin hut, wizard, elixir pump, three musketeers, dark prince, balloon, executioner, cannon cart, giant skeleton, P.E.K.K.A., inferno dragon, lumber jack, mega knight.


    3 years ago

    Actually a surprisingly good deck! I've been stuffing around in Arena 6 for a while now, and I'm starting to win again. Awesome, and thanks!


    3 years ago



    4 years ago

    good instructable! I play cr too