Baby Blanka From Street Fighter II Costume

This poor baby has no idea what's going on. I thought my nephew would make a good Blanka because at just over a year old, he’s in between crawling and walking and often tries to take a surprise chomp out of whoever’s holding him. If he could, he’d electroCUTE you!

I’m an ambitious amateur sewer, but I think anyone with even basic sewing skills could pull this off. I consulted several tutorials on this site and elsewhere on how to make the clothes and used my nephew’s pajamas to trace patterns. The hat was inspired by the pattern for Finn’s hat from “Adventure Time.” I spread the project out over a few days, making the leggings one day, the shirt on another, the shorts, the hat, and then all of the small accessories. It was mostly machine sewn, with some hand stitching and a little bit of hot glue.

I had never made clothing before, but I suspect working on a baby scale made my task easier/cheaper. After a combination of fabric store coupons/sales and materials that I already had, the costume cost about $15. I unfortunately didn’t take too many photos of the process, but I could recreate the steps in a more in-depth tutorial if anyone’s interested in their own Baby Blanka.

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    3 Discussions


    3 months ago

    This is Too awesome... Don't know if I have the skillz to make this one.


    4 years ago

    Hi I'm trying to make this for my son! Do you mind giving me more in depth tutorials?! What fabrics did you use?!