Remind Me to Take Medicine Machine

Introduction: Remind Me to Take Medicine Machine

This is a machine that can remind you to take medicine. People often forget to take medicine, whether before going out or before going to bed. It will drop a medicine when you pass by the machine, so put it where you regulary pass, like by the bed or by the door.

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Step 1: Prepare What We Need

Step 2: Code

Step 3: Connect the Circuit

(On a breadboard)

  • Connect 5V to positive electrode (+)
  • Connect GND to negative electrode (-)
  • Connect the motor to Pin 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Connect #Trig to Pin 4
  • Connect #Echo to Pin 5
  • Other according to the picture

Step 4: Start Assembly

  • Cut a rectangle at the bottom on the box so that the screen is exposed and stuck.
  • Cut two round holes beside the screen to expose the Ultrasonic Wave Detector.
  • Also cut a small rectangle on the back of the box to connect with the computer (be tight).
  • Leave the wires in the box.
  • Cut a rectangle on the side to take out the motor.
  • Sealed off the box.
  • Stick the motor in the cylinder.
  • Put a small sector on the motor (to make it move).
  • A big sector is glued under the motor, in this way, when the motor rotates, there will be a hole for the medicine to fall off.

You can upload the code now!

Step 5: Done!

This is the test video.

Hope you enjoy it!

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